Having A Big Baby

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C - November 10

I am due anyday with my 4th baby and I have had babies weighing (first) 9lb 8oz, (second) 7lb 12oz and (third) 8lb 13oz. My first and third were both 10 days overdue. I am so scared to have a baby bigger than what I have already had, because I find I get SO many RUDE comments. Like my grandma who thinks 8lbs or 9lbs is so "Huge" yet in her day women only gained 15 lbs!!! It is driving me nuts listening to the comments!!! Anyone else get this?


mpd - November 10

I don't think the weight you gain necesarrily ties into how big your baby is. I am 37 weeks and gained 15 lbs total so far, and I was not overweight to begin with, but doctor is estimating that he weighs 7.5 - 8 lbs now and I have a month to go. I know women who have gained 60+ lbs and their babies only weighed 5 - 6 lbs. It does depend on diet and exercise, how much water retention, amniotic fluid being produced. You just have to ignore people's rude comments, I work with a lady that tells me how huge I am daily and strangers comment on how great I look and small for starting my 9th month. People are rude.


Lynn - November 11

I agree, I'm planning on 9+ pounds for my little one and my mother has been the worse out of everyone! She's constantly telling me how huge I am and people that don't even know me tell me how great I look for being so far along. Most people guess that I'm due anyday now, when I still have 3.5 weeks to go, but that's o.k. My last u/s at 36 weeks the baby was estimated to be 7 pounds, so doctor is estimating arouund 9-10 pounds for me. I had a__sumed that she would be a big girl anyway, big babies run on my husband's side of the family - he was 9#13ozs when he was born. Actually, I'd rather have a bigger baby that a little baby - they seem so delicate when they are small!


C - November 11

And I feel the same way too about preferring a bigger baby. I think they are more alert and responsive and nurse better and have nice coloring and are not so wrinkled. I would be scared to have a baby that is 5lbs or 6lbs....so I don't understand why some people go off with their rude comments about bigger babies. It is more common to have babies that are 8lbs or 9lbs these days....it's the "norm". I just wish I could get up the nerve to say something back that would shut them up! Like a cousin of ours that just had her baby (6lbs) she smoked ALOT for heaven sake - no wonder her baby is smaller than what mine will be!! Yet my grandma does not consider that when she is freaking out about the possible size of my baby!(how can you tell I am a little touchy on the subject?) lol


mpd - November 11

I also would prefer a bigger baby. 8.5 - 9 would be okay by me but 5 lb babies are teeny tiny and look sick. Babies are supposed to be chubby and fat. I look at this way, its my first and I won't know the difference between a 5 lb or 9 lb baby, they're both going to hurt like a sob and I would much rather have a baby with some substance.


C Too - November 11

I have big babies and wouldn't change it.


Lesley - November 12

My children weighed 8-3, 9lb and 9-2. I have people saying stuff like "thats ma__sive" and "how did you manag to push something that size out" and the worst one is "my baby only weighs that now and she is 6 weeks" It does make me slightly upset but only cos of the way they do it. If anyone else says anything about the size to me I will say something back. I prefer my babies big. They are still tiny, it's not like you have give birth to a 3 month old baby.


C - November 12

Well I am a few days past my due date and have accepted the fact that this baby will too weigh probably close to 9lbs. My Dr says (my hubby and I) make big babies. If anyone makes the comments of "huge" or "ma__sive" with regard to this baby, I will be responding with "that's healthy and normal and I would rather have a bigger baby" (inside biting my tongue not to tell gramma exactly what I think) I know at my baby shower which will be after the baby is born, she will go around saying how "big" the baby is and "what big feet" She did it with my other daughter and it made me feel like c___p. She was only a few weeks old at the time and her feet were NOT even big!


emma - November 18

my son weighed 11 pounds when he was born last year.my daughter was almost 9 pounds 11 years ago but they were both 2 weeks overdue.im having anoyher one now and im 36 weeks but i got a scan yesterday which revealed the baby measures 40 weeks already so im getting it sectioned out a week early.i still think itll be about 9 or 10 pounds though.im not too bothered but i would like to have a smaller baby just once.oh well


kaitlin - November 18

I don't know yet about weight estimates (I will find out next week) but I sure have gotten some rude comments from close members of the family and close friends, while everyone else at work etc. comments on the fact I'm all belly. My mother is also the WORST (mind you, she's always been on me about my weight which may be good, b/c I've managed to become a thin adult from a chubby childhood). Last night she felt the need to let me know that one of her friends saw me and was asking if I was having twins. Nice.


Jen - November 18

I am 37 weeks and just found out my baby already weighs over 7lbs! Plus, I am a small person- only 5'3" so delivery will be fun! Good luck to you all!


C - November 20

Hi ladies - just to update you on my worry of a big baby...she was born Nov 17th and weighed 8lbs 3ozs - so I was pretty happy - she's not too big and not too small -PERFECT!! Anyways, all babies are precious and once yours comes - the weight won't matter cause you'll be in love instantly (like I am with my new daughter:)


C Too - November 20

May I ask why big baby comments bother some of you? I'm curious because I wouldn't change a thing.



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