He Has Arrived Our Little Man SUCCESS STORY

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redmondsky - December 11

Hi everyone. So happy to report that we had our little boy via scheduled c-section last monday with no complications. He is healthy and doing well. As you all know we were the super complicated pregnancy. Pregnant with twins (one ectoptic, on uterine) - our little guy is the surviving uterine pregnancy. Our story is a great testament to the amazing human body and what it can do if cared for well by doctors that are in the know. Hard to believe that at 42 the story has just begun here with a new addition to our family. Anyone reading this who has had trouble - is achy, tired etc...HOLD ON and keep moving forward. It's all worth it in the end. If you suffer from infertility like we did - HANG IN TOO! There is hope. Keep dreaming....thanks to everyone who responded to questions I had or concerns that just made me think...humm...is this normal? ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! Happy holidays and good deliveries to all!


tskrawchuk - December 12

CONGRADULATIONS, I am so happy for you!


sarah21 - December 12

Congratulations! That is awesome.


patrizia - December 13

congrats !!!!!!!!! i loved hearing the end of your story.--about the infertility ---i am not pregnant yet. i have been ttc for 3 years with a RE. i am losing hope. after countless exams and operations, biopsies.---we are still going nowhere. so i love to hear stories about woman that actually had trouble getting pregnant say---hang in there---thank you ! and best wishes !!!!!!!!


wantanotheraftertr - December 13

Congrats! Good to know there is hope for those with infertility I have many friends dealing with it. Enjoy you r baby!


BriannasMummy - December 13

Wow.. what a great testament.. thank you so much for sharing. You give a lot of women hope when the path seems very dim. Congrats on your sweet baby. ~Kristin~


Buffi R. - December 13

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy all the moments to come!


tish212 - December 14

congrats that is great news!! I'm glad u have ur lo in time for the holidays!



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