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miranda - September 19

Just wanted to let everyone know that Noah Matthew arrived safely on Thursday evening, Sept. 15. 9 pounds 9 ounces and 22 inches long. I'm so thankful for having this forum to talk to you all in the past few weeks. Good luck, and if anyone has any questions about labor and delivery while its fresh in my mind, ask!


Heidi - September 19

Congrats! Let's hear details! What was it like? That's a big baby! Did you have him natural? What did it feel like when you started going into labor? What can you compare it to?


miranda - September 19

Well, my water broke at 1 in the morning on Thursday, I had gone to bed an hour and a half before and a popping sound woke me up. Wasn't sure at first, but after I went to the bathroom it started gushing everywhere! Got to the hospital around 3, and I was determined to do everything without medicine. I have come to the conclusion that some of us are just going to have to be thankful for modern medicine and accept the risks of interventions, because my body simply would not do what it was supposed to. I walked for an hour, and my contractions, piddly as they were, stopped altogether. So I had to have pitocin and I hung around on the birth ball all day long waiting for each centimeter's dilation to slowly happen. And I mean SLOWLY. Around 6-7 I really slowed down, and it got very painful. I was tired, frustrated, and disappointed in my body for not doing what it was supposed to. Finally, in tears I agreed to an epidural because my dr really thought it might help my baby come down (he was still -2 station at this point.) So I got it and it worked enough to take the edge off the pain and send me into transition. I shivered uncontrollably for an hour or so and started feeling major pressure. Finally was complete around 7 pm and started pushing. I didn't feel the pushing stage last time because my epidural was too strong, this time I could feel to push. Pushing didn't hurt, but was EXHAUSTING. Between pushes was another story - the pressure was excruciating! Finally Noah's head started to appear and I felt him crown - ouch!! Little more work to get the shoulders out and then he came, all 22 inches of him, at 8:33 pm. What a relief! I tore just a bit, which I think I owe to the raspberry tea and vitamin E oil ma__sage of the perineum that I did in the weeks before. Still in a lot of pain - this guy didn't a number on my bladder and urethra! As for what to compare it to - if you mean the pain, it felt like very very bad menstrual cramps and bowel pressure (this is around 6-7 cm dilation.) Before that it felt like strong Braxton Hicks with a bit of menstrual cramping. Sorry this is so long but wanted to say everything I thought you might be interested in.


Jen - September 19

Congrats!!!! Wow what a big boy!!! How are you feeling?


Kelly - September 19

Was he your first. Doc says I'm going to have a BIG boy!!! You said a popping sound, what was it??? Congrats!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly - September 19

Oh, And what was your due date???


miranda - September 20

Yes, he was a big boy, but he's more long and skinny than chunky. I am feeling okay but I do have an infection that is probably due to my water breaking so long before his birth. I guess the popping sound was my water breaking, all I know is that there was a sound that woke me up. Maybe I dreamed it, I don't know! : ) And my due date was Sept 18, so he came 3 days early. My daughter came 5 days early. I give credit to lots of walking!


Aisha - September 21

Same birthday as My son :-) Congratulations...



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