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Kate - October 31

At my midwife appointment last week, I was told the baby's head was 1/5 into the pelvis, I asked how she knew it was the head and she told me that it was solid so that's how she knew. I had a feel around afterwards and understood what she meant, however, last night I felt some rough movements and when I went to feel the head, it was soft. The question is, does anyone know if the baby can freely move in and out of the pelvis at this stage of pregnancy without turning itself breech? By the way, I'm 35 weeks and this is my first baby!


lisa - October 31

youd know if it was breach because it would be kicking your cervix/bowels and that kills


JL - October 31

Neither I nor my doctor had any suspicion that my baby was breech until my 40 week appointment with my last pregnancy. By then she was so large and lodged in place that it was impossible to rotate her. I really think you cannot tell the position yourself. I swear that this kid I am pregnant with now is breech because it feels like his head up high in my torso, but the ultrasound shows him head down.


Christy - October 31

I heard it is pretty unlikely, although not impossible, for a head-down baby to turn itself around once it is head down in the pelvis.


Kate - November 1

Thanks for your replies - I've got my next appointment on Friday so I'll ask the midwife then, I just figured that once the head had started to go into the pelvis then it would stay there!! Fingers crossed!!


kaitlin - November 1

I'm actually 31 weeks, and went for an appointment yesterday. My doctor said the baby is already head down - isn't it really early for that? When does that normally happen? I asked if there was any way it would turn before now and the delivery, and she said it is unlikely with a first pregnancy to see the baby turn at this point. I find this all really odd; I would have sworn that the baby was head up and kicking downward. I feel all of the kicks downwards. Could it be that the hands are punching instead of the legs kicking, and that is what I am feeling? I may get another ultrasound as I seem to be measuring slightly bigger than normal, so I'm hoping we get more information then.


Lauren - November 1

Im 35 weeks and about 1 1/2 weeks ago, my baby flipped. She was head down but I guess she decided to flip. Then about 5 days later, she flipped back. My dr said that its perfectly normally for babies to keep doing that up until around 37 weeks. I hope she doesn't do it again cuz it is really painful.



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