Head In Ribs

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Saydie - August 19

I have heard from alot of people how their baby had their feet in their ribs, but my daughter has her head in the left side of my rib and it hurts. I am to the point with it that i dont know if i can go another 2 and 1/2 weeks. I know that sounds bad but it hurts. Has anybody else had a problem with this. She should be flipped over by now, so if she aint goin to flip over i would have c-section , so would it be that bad to ask my doc if we could do it sooner than 2 weeks?


leslie - August 19

it sounds like if you are telling my story! how far along are you? I am 33 weeks..my baby should be changing position too....I hope he does I don't want a c-section..


Monica - August 20

Me too! Except my daughter's head is in my right rib :( It's sooo uncomfortable and painful. I'm 32 weeks along. Going for an ultra-sound on Monday to confirm her position, and if she doesn't look like she's going to move anywhere, I have this phamplet of diffrent things to try to get her to flip over. I'm trying to think of an upside to all this. Maybe if I do have to get a c-section I can get a tummy tuck like the stars/rich people do? Good luck to you both! Hope you baby turns!


saydie - August 22

I am 38 weeks


Pam - August 23

I am only 29 weeks but been having some real pain in my top right ribs. A friend of mine was the same and she recommended putting your hands above your head for a bit. Try it - it works! (something to do with stretching the rib cage and relieving the pressure) p.s. I now have feet in ribs as baby has already turned and is lying head down!


Audrea - August 24

Saydie, if you have to have a c/s then it is not too early to ask. Your baby was considered full term at 37 weeks. Some doctors will do them early if they know you have to have one to relieve moms in extreme pain or pain that looks like it is not going to get any better. My doc plans on doing mine at 37 weeks because I have a broken vertebrae with other complications that causes a lot of pain. I don't think I could handle going all 40 weeks.


Tara - August 24

I know how you feel..i have 2 months to go and my son has his little tiny feet in my ribs and his head is right at my bellyb___ton...the best way i've learned to move the baby is to get down on your hands and knees and tilt your back upwards with your head down and hold for 10 seconds then loosen back up then do it again 4 more times it seems to make the baby move...i learned this in lamaze cla__s...hope it helps!



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