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everthiki - June 16

We just were told by our midwife that our baby has a larger head. We are in the third trimester at 31 weeks. Our baby is larger than normal. There is also a higher level of amniotic fluid, still within normal range but on the high end. Our midwife says she believes there is no downs or damage to the baby's brain but wants us to come in for a level 2 ultrasound. She believes everything will come out normal but has anyone else experienced this and if so, what was the outcome? Is the large head a cause for concern?


Nerdy Girl - June 17

Don't worry! My 6 month old son has a huge head, but he is totally healthy and normal. He had virutally no soft spot when he was born. I had a c-section, but they told me that I would not have been able to have him v____ally because of his big head and no "give" in his head without the soft spot. However, they did not suspect the big head in advance. I had the c-section because my first baby was C and I am not a good candidate for VBAC. It was just lucky that I had to have a C with my son, because we did not know about the head thing in advance. Does your midwife think it will cause you problems to have the baby v____ally?


everthiki - June 17

Thanks for responding soon! I first need to go for a level 2 ultrasound and then they will let me know what needs to be done from there. There think my uterus is larger than normal becuase of his head size and excess fluid. I am hoping for a v____al birth , but we don't know if we would need a c-section? This took us by surprise since no baby in our families has ever had this issue before...we are worried, even though they say the baby looks healthy - just big. I would like not to have a C since I know the recovery period is a lot longer and I'd like to nurse which will be more difficult I think. Good to hear that your son is totally healthy and normal! Did you have a midwife or Dr.? We have been thinking about switching to a Dr. because of this.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

I had a doctor. I don't think it's very common to have midwives around here (Chicago) because I honestly don't know of anyone who has had one. I have about a million friends having babies now, plus I am a pro photographer and do a lot of maternity pictures so I talk to a lot of pregnant women. If you have a midwife and need a c-section, what happens? BTW - I should have made it clear that my son's big ol' head was not the reason for my c-section. It was because my first baby was a c-section due to breech position, and she was 10 lbs. The doc told me that due to her size it would be too risky to VBAC.


everthiki - June 17

I live in Rhode Island and even here it is uncommon to have a midwife. I was given the option of either Dr. or midwife since I am low risk. Chose midwife, because I am into the whole holistic philosophy / prenatal yoga/etc., Well since the beginning of my pregnancy some things have led me to believe (needing several ultra sounds due to size of ababy) that a doc may be more comforting to me. I am 31 weeks along and it kind of feels "late" to switch and am feeling stressed about discussing this w/ my midwife. I am intimidated in a way...but feel it is necessary to switch due to possible issues with baby's size. Any thoughts? Thanks for listening.


Been There - June 18

Is it only the baby's head that is big? My son is just totally larger than he needs to be, but it's in proportion to his rapid growth spurts. It's not just his head that's big, it's him. Also, they kind of scared me with the fluid thing at one point and I had to go back for another check. But it was just like I had figured, the u/s tech took so long doing her measurements for fluid, but the time she got to each one, the baby had moved again, which shifts the fluid. Fortunately, the tech I normally see was back in the office the time I went for follow up, so she quickly checked all 4 areas at once. The fluid was perfectly normal. I'm just having a big baby. My doctor says that they would have been concerned if I were trying to deliver v____ally, but I'm scheduled for a c-section. So they are not concerned at all because they know they can safely get him out.


Nerdy Girl - June 18

My friend was overseas with her husband for 2 years for his job and returned to the US at 30 weeks pregnant. She had prenatal care in Singapore, but had a hard time finding a OB-GYN that would take her here because they were all concerned about liability. Like, what if her prenatal care in Singapore was not adequate, and then would they be blamed if there was a problem? I really doubt that would be the case if you were working with a midwife though. It sounds like you will be more comfortable if you find a doctor. That way it will be someone you know in advance, not just whoever happens to be at the hospital should you require a doctor at delivery.


everthiki - June 18

Thanks for the advice NerdyGirl...that really helps. I will have a talk with my midwife and switch to a doc. Hi Been There...they say our son is proportionate in his growth which is bigger than normal, but they keep focusing on his large head for some reason and the excess amnio fluid. That is there focus at this point. I am 31 weeks and 3 days and they say he is 4 1/2 pounds. Does that sound large to you? I will keep you posted as to the Level 2 u/s results...I feel pretty anxious to see what the outcome will be. Been There- how did they measure the amnio fluid...sounds like it was difficult! Was it through several appts or could they measure it through a u/s. Glad to hear things are running smoothly for you! When are you due?


everthiki - June 19

Hi ladies, Had my Level 2 Ultrasound today and was told that the baby looks healthy, but very large. He is 5 lbs. 10oz. and we are only 31 weeks....so they may change the due date, but are not sure because my midwife's office neglected to fax over my first ultrasound taken at 18 weeks which they would need. So we are playing the waiting game once again and feel very frustrated, since the baby could possibly come next month- only 4 weeks away? By his size they are estimating a due date of July 25th, but cannot give me a definitive answer yet...Our due date now is Aug. 18th. Big difference from July 25th! Thanks for letting me vent...Hope all is well with you all.


Nerdy Girl - June 20

Wow! Good luck to you.


Been There - June 20

Everthiki, sorry it took so long to reply. As far as I know, no one is concerned about the baby's growth. He's just a big boy. Don't let them get you all worked up. I was having ultrasounds every month anyway, so we could tell when he had the sudden growth spurt. The second tech did a 4 picture screen split. So she was able to take a picture, move to the next spot, take the next, etc. That was great because it made more sense and gave them a clearer picture. Since everything was fine, I have not had any more ultrasounds since. I'm just counting down my last 5 weeks until delivery...July 25. We'll both be in the hospital at the same time having big babies. But they'll be healthy. I honestly think we should be proud of ourselves. That just means we've provided very healthy environments for them to thrive in. Don't you think?


everthiki - June 21

Been There.... you have a very positive outlook and I thank you for expressing that! We should be proud of ourselves. It's funny , cuz I haven't been focusing on that at all...just all of the issues. Since your due date is July 25th we may be delivering around the same time. I have another ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks. That should determine how the delivery should go I think- C section or otherwise. Thanks for listening ladies. I'll keep you posted. Let me know how things are progressing with you as well.



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