Heart Rate Dropping

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Rayne - October 21

Just wondering if the babys heart rate is supposed to drop the further along you get because of dropping, or if maybe my family doc was just taking the heartbeat in the wrong place and got the cord instead. In two weeks the baby's heart rate has dropped from 165 to 147 but is still really active. Anyone know anything?


Beth - October 21

My babies heart beat has dropped progressively, the ifrst time I heard it at around 11 weeks it was 173, then at my 17 wk u/s, it was 156, at my last appt on Monday(I'm now 26 weeks) It was 137, doc said it was a boy's heart beat because boy';s hb are generally below 140, and girl are above, but he was not concerned at all with it getting slower as time went on. I don't know if I'm rea__suring u at all but i tried ;) Good luck


Jl - October 21

My doctor says the bigger the baby gets, the slower the heart rate is. My babies heart rate started at 180 (7 weeks) and now is in the 120s -130s (40 weeks 2 days). So, I think it's fine.


L - October 21

I asked that question at my last appointment and the Dr said that as the baby's heart develops and he baby develops that the hert rate will decrease.


YC - October 21

Hi Rayne, I have non-stress tests twice a week and yes everyone is right, the heartbeat does drop as the baby gets bigger and according to the doctor it is about 120 at birth. As far as the low heartrate being a boy/high heart rate a girl...that's not exactly the case. Either s_x can range from 120-160 and e considered "normal". I am having a girl (I know for sure due to amnniocentesis) and she ranges from 135-140.


Rayne - October 23

Thanks, good to know I'm not just worrying for nothing. I've got 6 wks left and figured that's what it was. Now if I could only decide on a name lol.


lisa - October 23

mines done the same just to reasure you further, from 160 at start to 124-135 now, midwives seem happy, i was due yesterday



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