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ashley - December 28

Hello future mommies! Was curious for those of you who opted to find out what you are having, what was your heart beat when you heard it for the first time... Most people who I have asked who have had boys, said the heart beat was low, and those who have had girls said the heart beat was faster, so was just curious what every body else's experience with that has been.. Thanks.


Heather - December 28

I am having a boy and his has always been high - around 160.


BB - December 28

Just an old wives tale! But I am having a boy and his h/b is always either 144 or 148.


Kaeli - December 28

I am having a boy, and his has always been around 150-155 which is on the high side. Good luck!


ashley - December 28

Thanks ladies. My gut tells me its a boy. With my daughter her heart beat was around 154 if my memory serves me right, and today when I heard the heart beat for this one it was 160 and my mother-in-law and friend who both have had all boys, said its a girl. I know better, so just was curious what others experiences have been.


MJM - December 28

In the begining my son's hb was 155-170 now it is 145ish


Heather - December 29

With my first we didn't find out and her heartbeat almost always stayed around 145. This one we opted to find out and it is another girl! Her heartbeat usually stays around 154 dropping into the high 140's everyonce in a while like after a lot of movement. My sister had 3 boys and 1 girl and all of their heartbeats stayed in the high 140's low 150's! There was no telling the difference!


courtney - December 29

hi! im having a girl and her hb has been above 140 everytime. doc said the statistics when it comes to the hb is about 75% accurate. she said <140 is a girl and >140 is a boy. she also said a mothers instinct is about 80%


Emy - December 29

My gut told me from day 1 that it was a girl. The hb has always been high. Turns out I was right..the tech told me 100% girl at my last u/s.


~*sunny*~ - December 29

I had a lil girl on Christmas Day morning, when I was pregnant with her, her heartbeat was always around 160. We didn't find out her gender via ultrasound, but the midwife was adament everytime she listened to the heartbeat that it was a girly one, and she was spot on!!


ashley - December 29

Thank you for your responses. I really do think it depends on the person perhaps. My gut told me my first one was a girl, and I was correct. Her hear beat was 154 (or so I think, that number comes to mind.) This one I am thinking its a boy, and its hear beat ranged from 154-162. Immediately my mother-in-law tried to tell me it was a girl, because all her boys had low heartbeats. I just told her I didn't think that was true.


StephanieT - December 29

I'm having a girl, and her heart beat ranges any where from 125 to 165. I asked the dr. about how the heart beat varies so much and he said that if she just had an 'active' time the heart beat is higher (like right after exercising) or if the belly is measured first to baby can tell and might get excited.... I think the 'normal' range is anywhere between 120 and 180.


Heather - December 29

This is definitely an old wives tale. I, along with another girl in my office are due in 2 weeks. I am having a girl and the heartbeat is around 140. She is having a boy and his heartbeat is around 160. I was always told this would be opposite, but the Dr says it depends on the baby, not the s_x.


LM - December 29

Hi, I'm having a boy. In the beginning his heart rate was around 155-158. In the last trimester it has always been around 140.


Karen - December 29

Hi! I am having a girl and her heartbeat changes all of the time. In the beginning she was in the 120's and is now in the 140's. The heartbeat thing is an old wives' tale because I thought she was a he at first.


Heather - December 29

just to let you know, the old wives tale is more accurate about the heartbeat right after birth. It just kind of evolved into the pregnancy dept. But, by the time you can take the hb externally, you can already see what you have! Where's the fun in that!!!!??!?


Samantha - December 29

Im having a girl, her hb is around 150 to 155



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