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jessne - October 8

I had my 32 week appointment today and when the doctor went to find the heartbeat, it took along time to find. He did find after a lot of moving around and pushing on my stomach. I wasn't worried because I felt him moving right before the appointment. I just thought it was odd that it took so long. At all my other appointments and my last pregnancy, he has never had such a hard time. The doctor said the heartbeat was 148 and everything looks good and measures out fine. But for some reason it's on the back of my mind, why it took so long to find at this stage of pregnancy. I'm overweight and I know that can make it more difficult, but 4 weeks ago, my doctor put the doppler on and found it right away. Just was curios if this had happened to anyone around the same time.


jessne - October 8



chickiepoo9 - October 8

It just depends on where the baby is, if he/she is moving it's harder to find but say you doc put the doppler on the left side of your belly but baby is lying on the right he wouldnt pick up the heartbeat that is why your doc prob felt your tummy so much to try and get and idea of how baby is laying, i hope that makes sense it the doc found it and it sounds good no worries i remember one appt for me my little girl was moving so much doc couldnt get an accurate read


Tory1980 - October 9

Have they told you where the placenta is? I have had this during two of my pregnancies with an ANterior Placenta which makes it difficult to feel the lie of the baby and also to hear the heartbeat if the baby is lying behind it. Being overweight can also cause problems as can how the baby is lying. I wouldn't worry as he did find it. It just seems baby was enjoying winding you both up!


melissap - October 9

Don't worry...my placenta is anterior and my baby's backbone was parallel with mine making its heart against my back and almost impossible to find. As long as it was there and your doc says everything is good then enjoy and good luck


AngelinLuv - October 9

The exact same thing happened to me at my 31 week appointment. I was starting to get worried as she kept going all over my belly. But then she found it and baby gave her a nice strong kick. She contributed it to him being so far underneath my ribs. I don't think it's anything to worry over, as long as they found it.



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