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mandy~ - April 27

im 26wks with first baby and i have read alot of posts where some women experiance heartburn, and by the sound of things its not nice!.. well i dont have heartburn yet, atleast i dont think so. is there anyone else who didnt have it at 26wks? what week should i expect it?


Toya - April 27

I got heartburn starting at 8 weeks!


Lisa A - April 27

Mandy- you may never get it! When I was pregnant with my first I never got heartburn. But with my second I got it before 26weeks, and now with my third I've had it pretty much my whole pregnancy. Consider yourself very lucky. Best of luck to you!


mandy~ - April 27

Oo good news then, but im sure knowing my luck ill make up for it in some other way i have bad swollen feet and hands.


Toya - April 27

Mandy, don't claim that. :) lol You'll probably have a great remainder of the pregnancy! Other than heart burn, I haven't had any physical discomfort, so you'll be just fine! Do you know what you're having?


mandy~ - April 27

im having a boy! good luck to you and your pregnancy. i hope the rest of mine goes well and quick lol


Kymmi - April 27

Mandy,,,,,, what you should really keep in mind is that every woman, as well as experience, is different. I am pregnant with my fourth child and I can tell you that I had little heartburn with my first, none with the second, TONS of it (acutally it turned into acid reflux) with my third and this time around,,,, I've had a little, but nothing too bad!! I didn't get it until my mid-7th month. Now, with the last one (which was my worst case ever), it seems like I had it all thru my pregnancy. So whether or not you'll get it??? Well, I don't think anyone, including your doctor, can answer that. It is just something that either develops or doesn't. As far as "when" to expect it,,,,, well, that again, knowone can really answer for you. It could hit you at anytime in your pregnancy. It could only happen when you eat certain foods (mainly acidic). And believe me,,, if (and when) you get it,,,, you'll know!!!


nelly - April 27

i didnt get it til the last month with my 1 pregnancy i am almost 7 months now and i have had it the entire time and it is only getting worse not better i literally have to squeeze something it is so bad i take tums but it doesnt always help and i dont want to take to many.if the old wives tale is true my baby will have a head full of hair!!!!


mandy~ - April 27

i didnt know about heart burn i thought everyone got it so thanx for thanx for explaining it to me. goodluck to all :)


Dore - May 3

I never had hearburn until my 39th week of pregnancy and it got to the point where I felt like a dragon breathing fire. It is extremely uncomfortable and thank god that you dont have it!!



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