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San - March 24

Not so much a question as a complaint. This is my 2nd pregnancy (27 weeks) and the heartburn is killing me this time round. I thought it was bad the first time but it literally makes me sick this time! I watch what I eat, nothing spicy, greasy etc but it doesn't seem to matter. I've gone through bottles of Rolaids...any other suggestions?


Nita_ - March 24

I had some heartburn during my 1st trimester but thank god, it hasn't returned yet! Try a cold gla__s of milk. Choc milk is what I had and it surely helped med.


Ba8y6irl - March 24

My friend told me try raw almonds. I dont like almonds so I dont eat them, usually oddly enough a gla__s of pop will help me. Water is horrible for heartburn and so is Chocolate! I dont know about choc milk though, never tried it for heartburn!


Rabbits07 - March 24

I empathize with you. I've had horrid heartburn myself. For some reason chicken seems to give me the worst heartburn, even if it's just plain boiled...go figure. I take tums for mine, the only thing I've found is that while it doesn't make it better, lying down makes it worse..so don't lay down with it.


Alycia - March 24

I find that anything chocolate makes my heartburn worse, but other kinds of ice cream are my new best friends. A scoop of that always makes me feel better immediately... it's not too practical in the middle of the night, though.


Nerdy Girl - March 24

With my 2nd pregnancy, I had really horrible heartburn when I would lay down at night. I would both awake, literally choking on my own stomach acids and gasping to be able to breathe (gross, I know, but it was THAT BAD!) The only thing that helped me was to eat absolutely nothing after 7pm, and to also take a pepcid around 7-8pm. My doc recommended the pepcid, so I am sure it was OK to take.


bean - March 24

Give yogurt a shot, too. Just like with milk and ice cream, the calcium and yogurt cultures really help ease heartburn. I had it pretty bad in my 2nd trimester, but now it seems to have gone away on its own (funny thing is it's strangely appeared to be bothering dh!).


meme - March 24

No matter what I've eaten, how fast or how much, I've gotten heartburn throughout these pregnant months. (In fact, I swear sometimes drinking water aggravates it!) I was going through about one Tums tablet a day for about a month there, but then I found out they aren't good for ya. Especially at that rate. So I just kinda deal with it because I'm sure not going to take some chemical pharmaceutical drug for it. I've heard that papaya enzyme is good for digestion, and I know that ginger and peppermint are too. I'm 36 weeks, still get heartburn just about every day (even though he's dropped), and if I never get heartburn again after pregnancy, it'll be too soon!


janelle - March 24

Zantac is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy I have to take 1 everyday with my breakfast or I do not think I would survive the day. My doctor gave me a perscription at 20 weeks for Zantac and it works wonderful.


Rabbits07 - March 24

meme, what's wrong with Tums? I always heard they were safe. I don't take alot, just 2 or 3 times a month for the past couple of months because sometimes it's so bad that I can't sleep (I found out Tums constipate me BADLY, and frnakly most of the time I'd rather have the heartburn) anyways, I was just wondering cause I don't want to take anymore if they are bad for the baby.


San - March 24

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll try the milk & yogurt ideas. Rabbits07 my doctor told me there's nothing wrong with taking Tums/Rolaids so I wouldn't worry about it...they just don't seem to help me that much. Meme, with my 1st pregnancy my heartburn lasted right through labour until I delivered and then it was gone almost instantly and didn't return until this pregnancy...only worse :)



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