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miraclebaby - June 19

anyone else have horrible heartburn, I am 38 weeks and pretty much get it everday and the night is the worse.


Ca__sie06 - June 19

Yes!! I have it all the time! I get it even if I think about food, and any time I try to lay down or even recline a little bit! Tums doesnt really hlep at all anymore, so the dr told me to try mylanta or some form of liquid. He said if that doesnt help he will write me a prescription for something. I am just 33 weeks and have had it since about 28 weeks!


Cotton - June 19

I suffer from acid reflux, but did have a bout with heartburn earlier on. I am 36+wks and totally miserable. Like Ca__sie said Tums didn't really help me either :( Nights are the worse for me too and I have to sleep with 2 or 3 pillows so I am proped up higher or sleep on the couch at an incline. Otherwise I don't sleep at all.


Nerdy Girl - June 20

I had to take a Pepcid every night before bed or else I would bolt awake gasping for air, choking on acid reflux. TMI, and gross TMI, but it's true. Totally stopped after I delivered.


babyluv - June 20

oh my YES! I started losing weight because I couldn't stand to eat from the heartburn and after tryng Mylanta and Maalox and Zantac (didn't work) my OB gave me a prescription for Nexium. I haven't had it at all since starting that. I am 36 weeks now. Good luck to you all.


Chrissythefairy - June 20

I have had acid reflux during my whole pregnancy. I take pepcid twice a day (once in the morning and once at night before i go to bed) and tums durring the day when it sneeks up on me. Its been really miserable.


miraclebaby - June 20

Thanks for the tips, I will say I think I have the acid reflux as well, because I swear it came out my nose the other day, not to be grose, I also cough alot and choke on food or drinks alot now. Do you guys notice any coughing ???


Krista - June 20

Oh YEAH! it was actually bad enough I felt a burning going up my throat! I was up all night with it and Tums weren't cutting it! I asked my doc about it at my last appt...he told me to buy Pepcid AC or Zantac 75 and take it twice a day EVERYDAY for two weeks...regardless if I have heartburn or not...then after two weeks he said I can move to just one a day or stop taking it if it's not a problem...both those medicines are safe to take during pregnancy and can be bought over the counter. good luck!


sfrias - June 21

Hi! Same thing is happening to me. Apparently the baby might be pressing some of your internal organs and causing your stomach to act "weird". Something that helps me is to drink a gla__s of milk when I start feeling the heartburn. Good luck!


GraphxGirl - June 21

I drink milk also to relieve heartburn and it does work well.



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