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Bree - November 22

I'm dying here! I know it's because there's no room inside, but any advice or remedies that work would be greatly appreciated. Tums Ultra is all I'm taking for it.


Jennifer - November 22

Hi Bree, I have suffered from acid reflux for years, and it has only worsened with my pregnancy. I would suggest starting with Pepcid AC or Zantac first. These are over the counter medications that are totally safe to take during pregnancy. Call your dr. to confirm. They are stronger than Tums. If this doesn't work for you ask your Dr. for a prescription strength acid reducer. This is what I take and my heartburn is under control. They are also considered safe for use in pregnancy. Whether the over the counter works for you, or you need the prescription follow the directions for how and when to take the medication. It will make a difference in how well it works for you. Eating smaller meals and staying away from spicey or greasy foods also tomatoes and citrius may help, but for many of us only a prescription will due. Good luck, I hope you are feeling better soon. I feel your pain! Or I should say Burn!


Jennifer - November 22

Will I was typing someone asked me my due date and I wrote "only a prescription will due" Meant do. God I'm crazy lately.


Lory - November 22

It is hell!!! lol My midwife prescibed zantac for me. It helps me alot! I can't go through the day (or night) without it anymore. Also, you can try not lying down immediately after you finish eating, although I'm 35 wks, and at this point that don't really help. Everything in there is so squished! You can also try to cut out carbonated drinks, and certain foods that trigger it (spicy, greasy, etc.). Sometimes I just give in to my cravings anyway. The zantac really does help. Good luck!


Lory - November 22

Wow Jennifer, we said exactly the same thing!! LOL


Jennifer - November 22

Lory, Yes you can tell we are heartburn hell sufferers. There are times I've sat up at night crying because it's so miserable. Now that I'm taking prescription meds for it the burn is gone, but I still can't eat right before going to bed or I feel like the food is trying to come back up my throat. Disgusting!!!!


Swtpea - November 22

=o) I have been absolutely miserable the past several weeks. At my last appointment 5wks ago she told me to take Zantac at night and then around lunch with a gla__s a milk and take tums as needed between...I went in today... and it is so bad ... I feel it would do me better to just throw up whatever it was I ate!! So I told her its that bad, and its overpowering the Zantac and she gave me a prescription strength pill. I have to go pick them up in a few hours... so *crosses fingers* I really hope it works!! G'luck. And I wish the best with this, ... this is ONE thing i DEFINATELY will NOT miss...lol.


lynnstress - November 22

Maalox tablets - active ingredient simethicone - I buy the fruit flavors because mint makes the burping worse! They're great; I was told at the doctor's office at about week 16 to try them, and they are all I buy since.


Jennifer - November 22

Swt pea, just a word of advice from someone whose been there. The prescription meds are GREAT!, but they take about a day to get into your system. It may not seem like it's working at first but give it 24 hours and you'll be amazed. The fist night I took mine I was upset because it didn't seem to be helping, but by the next day I was heartburn free.


Lesley - November 22

Milk. Thats what I would drink when I had it. I got it in all 3 pregnancies and it would bloody hurt! I woke up during the night in tears with it. I was using mints but I think them were making me worse.


melissa - November 22

Pepcid AC works for me--I bought some in bulk at Sam's a few months ago! Occasionally I have to supplement with some milk in the middle of the night, if I don't take the pills at the right time. I used to have heartburn real bad pre-preg, but it went away, so I sure hope it goes away again!


Amy - November 23

Nexium works for me! It is a prescription that is safe to take (thank goodness). Also, smaller meals throughout the day and it really helps if I don't eat before bed. Thank goodness this goes away! :)


Beth - November 23

I haven't confirmed this, but let me know if it works, apparently cuc_mber peels work miracles to relieve heartburn!


j - November 24

With my first baby I had heart burn so bad!!! The Dr. told me to take tums so I did, all the time, but it still didn't work that well. I took so many tums that I ended up getting kindey stones from all the calcium in them and man I tell you what I wished I were dead that pain was so unbelievable. So this time when I got heartburn I wouldn't take any. My Dr. ended up giving my some priolsec or something ( a perscription) and it has worked wonderfully!!! It even helps when you think you may get heart burn but it just feels like your chest is to tight. I'd talk to the Doc.



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