Heartburn Hell

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climbergirl - November 3

Okay, so does anyone have any suggestions for me? I am 27 weeks pregnant and feeling great except being tired and the horrible heartburn. my doctor has already put me on 'zantac' which helped a little at first, but I am back to square one again with the constant feeling of hot peppers in my throat. I have tried everything from eating tiny meals more frequently to having milk/yogourt with every meal etc. I've cut out everything bad and it seems that healthy eating makes it worse as vegetables, whole grains and proteins are hard to digest! HELP!!


melissa - November 3

my dr ok'd pepcid ac for me, and i take it every night--it works wonders!


Jodie - November 3

Im taking zantac aswell, even though i still get my reflux its not as bad as when im not taking it, i ran out a few days before i saw my dr and was up vomiting every night. I dont eat at least 3 hours before bed and drink for atleast 2 hours. I read somewhere that you shouldnt drink to much liquid with your meals and ive cut out anything i think makes it worse, so my diet is pretty boring at the moment but its better than throwing up


M - November 3

My Dr. put me on Prilosec and it has literally saved my life this prenancy. Ask your Dr. about it, I have ZERO reflux heartburn, and it was Horrid! Good luck, M


Jennifer - November 3

My Dr. put me on Nexium (prescription) It is wonderful!!! Sounds like you need something stronger than the OTC's


Swtpea - November 3

A friend of mine reccomended Papaya Enzime (its a chewable pill you can get from a nutrition store), I have only used it once... so I cant say or nay, but its all natural. I have to take Zantac with a gla__s of cold milk 2 times a day and fill in the rest with tums or rolaids. ... and even then it seems water can cause extreme heart burn! >.< Good luck to ya


hunee - November 3

I suffer the same thing my doctor gave me Gaviscon it does wonders i have 1-2 x 5 ml spoonfulls after meals and at bedtime and i have never felt any better


Gina - November 3

I drink Maalox and take tylenol. I have it really really bad. I also drink milk and eat pineapple.


Marussia - November 8

Try eating raw almonds. They are loaded with calcium and help to soak up the acid. I always carry around a pocket full and just nibble all day long and it seems to help quite a bit.


Heather - November 8

Has your Dr tested your gall bladder? I thought I was having heartburn, too, and my dr did a sonogram of my gall bladder, liver, kidneys, etc.. and I have "sludge" or early stages of gall stones. That is what was causing the pain and pressure in me. I am 30 wks, and this whole time I had been taking Tums, Rolaids, Mylanta... they all helped temporarily. All she said I can do is avoid spicy and greasy food, but at least now I know to have my gall bladder checked after I give birth!!


LRK - November 9

Yogurt. Try yogurt. I have bad heartburn that goes in cycles. It was okay for a few weeks, and then I ate a bunch of pizza and it tore me apart. I think my esophagus needs to go through a healing period. Usually yogurt does the trick, I think because it replaces the good stomach bacteria. It also helps digestion. Otherwise, I pop Tums. This solution is by no means perfect, but it does seem to help.


climbergirl - November 22

okay, the doctor put me on Prevacid and Bingo! No more heartburn. If anyone else is having major heartburn, talk to your doctor about this SAFE medication!!



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