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babylove4 - November 1

I must say it's the first time I have it. This is my 4 th Baby and never before have I had Heartburn. So far all that helps is me drinking milk, I tried Tums and they dont help me. Does anyone know what else I can try? Thanks for any input : )


DeeD - November 1

I had it so bad with number 6 it caused damage that had to be surgically repaired. This time my doc put me on Zantac 150. It worked really well.


emfine99 - November 1

I'm about 37 weeks and have been experiencing bad heartburn since about 25 weeks. It's bad!!!!! I'd never had it before pregnancy! I take the rolaids soft chews in the tropical flavor (yellow packaging) and they seem to work pretty well. Though I go through about 6-10 packs per week.... I've done the pepcid soft chews and tablets and they don't phase me, plus they are expensive. So I reccomend the soft chews... plus, they don't taste bad either!


EMMA2 - November 1

Not much else you can do unless ur dr. prescribes you something else. Try not to lay down too much . Elevate yourslef (more pillows) and of course avoid spicy foods. The reason you have it is because of the position of the baby , he/she is obviously high up there and pushing your stomach higher.


Cevvin - November 1

I used Tums Smoothie's, not chalky ate them like candy, then towards the end i resorted to using zantac 75, try 75, then go to 150 if its still bugging you. Good luck.


babylove4 - November 1

Thanks so much Ladies. I'm 27 weeks and it just started a few days ago, I think I'll try the Rolaids soft chews first thks emfine99 and your right emma2 I am carrying Her high. I deffinitely use lots of pillows it helps a little, But I've become the pillow hogger : )....thanks again for Your help Ladies


AngelinLuv - November 1

I've found the only thing that works for me is chocolate milk. I don't like tums or rolaids. During the day I just drink a lot of cold water. I figure it's better than stuffing myself with tums and it keeps me hydrated. It's awful.


babylove4 - November 1

Choclate Milk? Yum, I love that stuff too, But doesn't the chocolate cause it ?


staci - November 1

babylove if you have a lot of chocolate it could trigger it from the caffeine in it. But I drink one gla__s of choc. milk at night and it seems to help a bit. I also take a pepcid 10mg before supper almost everynight now. So that and the milk combined have really helped. Now if someone could please tell how to keep the actual reflux down! Atleast it doesn't burn anymore ;) Hope some of these suggestions everyone has given you help releive your pain, I know it's bad!


jenna32 - November 1

i use rolaids. Just try to watch what you eat :) I'm not sure if this is a myth, but they say the more heartburn you have the more hair your baby will have!gl.


Noodle - November 2

youghurt is fantastic, and believe it or not fizzy drinks - it feels like the fizz is taking all the acid away. i know it sounds strange but it is good. chocolate is very good also, and if food doesnt help yours doctor can sort something out


DaBonkElsMe - November 2

I had it really bad at the beginning. IT's strange b/c most women get it bad at the end, but I've been the oposite. Stay upright after you eat, don't drink with your meal, only after you're done eating. And chewing gum, really helps. Any kind of gum, it the saliva that makes a difference, you saliva is a natural acid reducer so if you produce more, it'll help clam the acids. Also a little honey in the milk helps even more than milk alone. My Dr told me I could take any over the counter antacids except pepto bismol. He said that's the only one that pa__ses on to the baby. The others stay in your stomach and just coat. I found Mylanta liquid to be helpful. But even Zantac is OK to try. good luck.


KRISTINA - November 2

Heartburn meaning the baby will have more hair was supposed to be a myth, but apparently someone/university did a study and it appears to be true. More heartburn=more hair. I had horrible heartburn with my first and he came out with a FULL head of hair and it never fell out either. :)


babylove4 - November 2

Thanks so much Ladies for all Your help....Drinking plain milk seems to be helping me alot & Not drinking low sodium V8 anymore....And that's so funny.....my previous 3 pregnancies I had no heartburn at all and they were all baldy babies, Perhaps this one will be just like me, I had a full head of hair.......lol...dabonkelsme thanks so much for telling me about the pepto, I was going to take some the other night, But for some reason I decided not to....Thks again Ladies


DeeD - November 2

Nah-it is purely a myth. I have seven kids...had heart burn with all of them...worse with my last 4...3 were bald as a cue ball, one had a full haed of hair. It really just depends on genetics I think. Glad you feel better.


nicole12 - November 2

babylove, I am taking once a day Protonix 40mg and I swear by it. It is rx, but i get samples and it is safe to take. I see a specialist and he said that any of the ove the counter things will work such as Pepcid AC and Zantac. I would try one of those.


babylove4 - November 2

Wow DeeD, That's nice 7 kids, I know it's off the topic, I already have 3 plus this one on the way and I think my husband is crazy for wanting 3 or 4 more...I guess I have developed more patience over time and I love children. I think Your a super Mom to begin with by simply remebering what all your pregnancies & children were like when they were born, For me I had to really think back 13 years and honestly if it weren't for photos I wouldnt know what to say...That's another story though, My memory hasn't been the same lately, hopefully it's just a pregnancy thing, Anyway Thanks for all Your input...Nicole12 and all You Ladies that suggest Zantac & pepcid & Rx, I guess if the milk stops helping Then I will have no choice, But to tell my Md for a RX or try the over the counter ones....Thks a million



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