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babylove4 - November 2

Wow DeeD, That's nice 7 kids, I know it's off the topic, I already have 3 plus this one on the way and I think my husband is crazy for wanting 3 or 4 more...I guess I have developed more patience over time and I love children. I think Your a super Mom to begin with by simply remebering what all your pregnancies & children were like when they were born, For me I had to really think back 13 years and honestly if it weren't for photos I wouldnt know what to say...That's another story though, My memory hasn't been the same lately, hopefully it's just a pregnancy thing, Anyway Thanks for all Your input...Nicole12 and all You Ladies that suggest Zantac & pepcid & Rx, I guess if the milk stops helping Then I will have no choice, But to tell my Md for a RX or try the over the counter ones....Thks a million


jill-78 - November 3

My doctor said if Tums aren't working any more, I can take Zantac. I also asked the pharmacist and he said Zantac was also recommended.


Greeklady28 - November 3

Yep, my doctor also recommeded tums first since they are loaded with calcium. That rarely seems to work, but zantac seems to do the trick. I don't know if heartburn is related to amount of hair. This is my first, but considering that all the babies in my family are born with a lot of hair, I contribute that to genetics and to our nationality. By the way, for me, fizzy drinks tend to be acidic and don't help with heartburn.


sarah21 - November 4

Zantac, Pepcid, Tagament or Prilosec OTC are all fine to take. I have acid reflux disease and my Dr. said these are all safe during pregnancy.


Mel Page - November 6

Hay babylove - just like you I've never had heartburn before, till now LOL. I'm 23 weeks along and this little girl of mine is really pressing my acids upward, YUCK. I've also tried lots of things, till a friend told me to try smooth yogurt, and sure as can be it works, it does take a small while to do it's thing, but it works for me (REALLY takes the edge off), hope this will work for you too. Love Mel XxXxX


alirenee86 - November 6

Oh, man...heartburn is like the ONLY thing I had bad to really complain about this whole preganancy (first). I found that Pepto Bismol helps tremendously and is fine to take. Mine was pretty bad the whole preganancy and now at 39 weeks, I haven't really had it for the last week or so since the baby moved down a bit. It should get better at the very, very end. Painful, right? I know it's from everything being moved up, but I've wondered if the prenatal vitamins contribute to it and make it worse. I wonder only because those vitamins are strong and I remember taking a multi-vitamin every morning a couple years ago and it giving me bad heartburn. Either way, it sucks but I'm sure it's nothing compared to the pain we'll feel when we're in labor!


babylove4 - November 6

Thanks Mel Page : ). We"ll be having Italian food here for Lunch today, I"ll be sure to go run down to the cafeteria and get some. Alirene86, Wow Your due any day now, The best part is seeing Your Baby, I cant wait for that part. It's been my main complain too, Besides my stomach feeling really heavy....Keep Us posted when You have Your LO ( how exciting)!!!!! GL & Blessing to Ya....Have a good day Ladies : )



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