Heeelllo Mood Swings

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ruby - June 27

Im 33 weeks and I have been going through terrible mood swings I never had a problem before now it seems every day Im either so in love with my husband or I hate him then everything else in my life will surface and I have melt downs...Help!! Does anyone feel this way??


jenn - June 27

im so there with you. i am 33w and have been on bedrest for about 4 months now. i get so fed up and mad all the time because things rent being done around the house like i want them to be done and im not supposed to be out of bed at all, but he cant cook nor will he try so im really grouchy.


Shelly - June 27

I am also 33 weeks and I' pretty sure its not me, its everybody else!!!!! (lol) It's amazing how people can get on your nerves, especially when my job is dealing with the public (every day). And my husband should adapt to me don't ya think so? I decided after EVERYTHING i'm going through, i shouldn't hold back anymore.If my mood changes (i feel b___hy right now) i'll post something else here.


anne - June 27

mine started a few days ago when iwas in my 34th week. but it only lasted for about 3 hours fortunately. i have been moodwing-free this entire pregnancy apart from that. but i expect to be a total biatch again when i deliver lol.


LilFoxy - June 27

I know how you ladies feel! One minute I'm fine and the next I'm bawling because the mail was late! I know I'm confusing my husband but I can't help it at all! To make matters worse my mother-in-law calls this morning and says that she can no longer deal with her 18 year old son and that we need to take him! I love the boy but good grief!!! I'm about to have a baby in 3 1/2 weeks, I don't need a teenager to worry about! I am moody,cranky, and totally ready to have this kid! :)


robin - June 28

i get mad so much at my hubby so much for no reason that somethimes i feel bad for him


Sarah - June 28

(37 weeks) I've just been holding it all in, even though I feel like b__wing up most of the time. I find I'm really annoyed and short with people, and then I break down crying when nobody is around. I feel bad for my baby, who must think his mother is a freak.



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