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cutie_wutie - December 3

Hello Margie... Been a while since we last spoke how the h__l are you doing.. Is everything going ok??? Well I got married on 6th october... xxxxx Baby now due 31st Jan but got have C section which is scaring the h__l out of me i went for a load of tests on 2nd oct and last week finally got to know weather i needed a c section i must admidt really got hopes up didnt expect them to say i needed to have one..:((:(:(:( But if it means saving mine and baby lifes then i know i have no choice ive looked all over net for advice on c section as the lady at hospital didnt really explain things very well...I lost your email address due to reformatting pc so have been unable to email and see how your doing.. Hope your well and hope to hear from you soon hun xxx


margie - December 3

Hello zoe!!! I am so happy to hear from you, I actually lost my own email too because I was not on a computer for so long! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you :-) I was hoping that everything was going well for you...you were in agony last time we talked because they were taking so long to get you in for an ultrasound and give you any information...dont be scared of the csection, I have several friends who have had them and had no problems whatsoever, the pain was bad as any surgery would be but the recovery was only a few days and they felt better..just like a really really sore stomach, just be sure you have lots and lots of help around that time because your not going to be able to do alot of moving around. But your going to be fine and your baby is going to be healthy and beautiful, is it a boy or girl? Congratulations on getting married as well! I'm so happy to hear from you again :-)


cutie_wutie - December 4

Great to hear from you hun... Yes had alot of worry with this pregnancy.. scared like hell about c section was hoping i wouldnt have have one but i do and it scares me.. Having a little girl Calling her Sophie xxxx I was due 7th feb but c section planned for 31st jan xxxxx How have you been doing?



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