Helloooo 3rd Tri

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clare - June 2

hiya everyone im new to 3rd tri due 1st sept dont know what im having and would like ppl to talk to xx


1Sttimemomy - June 2

hi how far along are you ?Iam due sept.6,06 i am 26 weeks pregnant.when does the 3rd tri. start ?i can't wait to join the third tri.board.how are you doing with your pregnancy ?


Kitty - June 2

Hi Clare. I am due August 27 or Sept. 1st sometimes, How are you? I thought it would be nice to talk to someone in the same due date range as myself. Have you been having terrible heartburn? Mine is awful I am almost a slave to the Tums. I hope that your pregnancy is going great!!


JESS1980 - June 2

Hi Clare and everyone else!! I am due August 25, so we're all due around the same time. Kitty: I have had horrible heartburn too. It was really bad during the middle of the 2nd trimester...then it went away...and now it has come back again. In my opinion, heartburn is worse than morning sickness! :-) Some people say that having a lot of heartburn while you're pregnant means the baby will have a lot of hair when it's born. I guess we'll have to wait and see! :-)


mcatherine - June 2

Hi Ladies.... I am due Sept 6th - technically 5 days from the third tri, but thought I could jump on this thread so I could relate to some women closer to my due date as well. I guess from this point forward it's all a waiting game for each of us....


shan_mommy - June 2

Hey Ladies! I'm due Sept. 6th, so thought I would go ahead and jump on here too even though I think I have a week till the 3rd trimester. First time mom-to-be having a baby boy. How's everyone feeling?


Kitty - June 2

Jess: I have just gotten the heartburn and luckily I didnt get any morning sickness, the other thing is that the baby is hanging out all the way on my side, it is excruciating and I have been trying to physically move her back to the front but she wont move. I guess they are right about the third trimester being the most uncomfortable. I didnt know that the being uncomfortable would start immediately.


Been There - June 2

Welcome, Clare! Doesn't it feel good to be here? It's the beginning of the end for a new beginning. LOL! It's like moving to senior year, knowing you'll graduate soon.


clare - June 2

1sttimemomy im 27 weeks along i think iv been very lucky with my pregnancy as i had a few problems early on like bleeding and stuff but now we r both good and strong id just stay on here if i were u everyone else with your due date is lol.kitty my heartburn has been awful i actually cant touch fresh fruit juice cus it gets that bad so im drinking hipp organic baby juice lol also i keep a packet of mints with me all the time cus they help 2. been there hiya i remember speaking to you in 2nd tri how are things? yeah i kept telling everyone today that its downhill now lol they laughed and said wait until labour :-s lol im happy to be here though. i hope we all stay in touch especially since we are all due in the same week more or less lol xxx has anyone else had baby kick straight down? it hurts like hell lol feels like its trying to stick an arm out of me and wave!!!


yourtrish - June 3

Hey ladies...I guess a lot of us 26 weekers are sneaking over the this board a little early. I found the postings easier to relate to at this point as well, as most of the second trimester members seem to be near the beginning. I'm ALSO due Sept.6th, so it seems like quite a few of us are scheduled to be celebrating that day! One thing I've noticed apart from constant heartburn is that my m/s is back in full force. Anyone else experiencing this?! I almost forgot what it was like, and now I feel horrible again (it's the reason I'm still awake at midnight....I feel like the room is spinning every time I lie down, bleah!). Any idea how long this might last? I'm hoping someone says that our bodies are undergoing a significant growth spurt right about now and that my m/s should be short lived....


mcatherine - June 3

You know, yourtrish - it's funny you mention the m/s. For almost a week mine has been back in the mornings and the nighttime. I am interested to hear if this has happened to anyone else. I hope it goes away soon. Clare - the kicking straight down seems to be so common. It scared me so bad at first I went to tthe doctor. I thought the baby was going to fall out. It happened while they were doing an internal to make sure I was ok and the doctor told me that although it felt like the baby was kicking my cervix, he was actually kicking my bladder and that is where the pain was coming from. I have no idea if he's right or not, but it hasn't stopped and sometimes it hurts like crazy!! And all these early September babies - we were all feeling the holiday love, weren't we? We conceived our little one after a night of Christmas shopping, a wonderfully romantic dinner and a walk to see the Christmas lights in the snow. Best Christmas gift I have ever gotten....


alverran - June 3

Hello Ladies I felt somewhat out of place going into the 3rd trimester earlier. Thanks Clare for starting this thread. I am due on 16 Aug, I also did not find out what we are having although I have a feeling it's a boy. Heartburn has been a big problem for me as well as my wrists. I have a cast for my left one, but I could not do anything if they were on both. It's pregnancy carpal tunnel and hope it goes away after birth. I am getting excited and cannot believe we are all on the home stretch! Keep me posted on your pregancies ladies. Is there anyone active duty military in this thread? xoxo


clare - June 4

hey every1 how have you all been today? im quite depressed as i didnt have morning sickness since 13 weeks and i got up this morning and it hit me big time!!! been gettin alot of braxton hicks at the mo 2 it is kinda wierd lol.how did you all tell your partners you were preg? just think it wiould be nice to hear everyones stories. hope bumps and mums are all ok!!! xxxxx


mcatherine - June 4

Clare - you're getting BH already? I haven't had any at all. I know it differs from woman to woman - I just don't know if I would even know what one felt like. I still just get crampy every couple of days. I found out tonight that the third trimester starts at the 28th week. I was sure it was 27. I guess I have another week until I celebrate the milestone. I have been thinking that perhaps I should start my nursery. I have purchased a few things, but they are still packaged and in the bas____nt. I have to clean out the room and talk my dear, sweet husband in to taking a day off from golf to paint for me. Part of me is hesitant or maybe I'm still scared something might go wrong. I have another u/s tomorrow and another Level 2 next Monday - maybe they will calm my fears a little. I hate to admit I have no heartburn or gas...but to even things out - my morning sickness has been back for over a week!


clare - June 5

yeah they seem to come at the worst times 2!if im having a pee or im with friends lol never when im on my own. how did your ultrasound go? hope all is well im sure it will be. we have got a few things for bump but not too much as we are in the process of finding a house lol crazy time! keep me posted on ur us xxx


Been There - June 5

Just a small vent. I only have 7 weeks to go, but I feel huge. I'm not looking forward to gaining another ounce, let alone a pound. I can barely reach my feet to lotion them or put socks on. I'm tempted to start washing baby items, though the little bit of sanity I may have left says to wait. I'm counting down the days until I'm put out of work. That's when I'll do my final shopping for diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc. And then I'll spend time stressing over making sure I have every little item I don't want to forget for the hospital. Not to mention the baby's coming home outfit, which must be just right. Which may seem crazy because we're just going home. But it must be just right. The baby is having a stretching, kicking, punching fest even as I type. Worst of all, I'm sure none of the thoughts I've typed in this post are even remotely related to each other. They are simply the ramblings of a tired, pregnant woman.


yourtrish - June 5

Well, in a way, I guess it's good to hear other people are experiencing m/s as well. Come to speak to it, are any of you going through growth spurts too? My appet_te increase substantially this week (I can always tell because I wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger, which is very unsual for me normally) and eat and eat and then all of a sudden POP, I wake up to a newly enlarged baby bump. I'm wondering if there is a link between the m/s and my growth spurt right about now. I'm about 26-27 weeks now...any of you seeing changes in your appet_te/size? I read somewhere that weeks 26-30 can be big weight gainers...



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