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please help me - January 7

Yesterday I went to the OB and he said my baby is about 6lbs and 2 ozs. and that if I deliver it would be ok but he does not want to induce me yet. My first due date was Dec. 23 then my 2nd was Feb. 13 I talk to other drs and they said I need to have the baby I can bearrly walk. I keep having problems breathing and then I get sent to the ER cause I stop what should I do the dr heres dont know shit. My dr and his wife who is also an obgyn both been sued before cause they dont know what they are doing. But they are the only High Risk drs here were I live. Please help.


Christie - January 7

Dec 23 to Feb 13??!! What is that? I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. Worrying about your doctors capability and ineptness should be the last thing on you mind right now! I would deffinantly look into seeing another doctor. Is it too far to the nearest high risk doc? Are you dialated at all? Best of luck!


please help me - January 8

ya to one he has not checked me in over a week


Mellissa - January 9

You really need to figure out what your actual due date is before anyone goes inducing you like that. If you have to, go to an emergency room in another hospital in another town and talk to someone there about it. A doctor cannot acurately estimate the weight of a baby, even with ultrasound, at this stage and in fact, doctors have been known to be as much as 2lbs off! You wouldn't want to be delivering a 4lb baby. Also, you need to know what you're actual due date is so you know how premature your baby is going to be. Certain complications can be easily avoided each week your baby remains inutero. For instance, a baby's sucking reflex is much better after the 35th week. Dec23-feb13 is a HUGE difference so someone needs to figure it out. If your menstruation cycle is basically a standard 28 day cycle than count 40 weeks after the first day of your last period. This should give you a much more accurate due date. If your doctors are going on the size of your baby to judge your due date, this is only accurate if it was based on an ultrasound that was performed BEFORE you were 12 weeks pregnant. Any ultrasound or abdominal palpatation after that is only a rough estimate because babies develop at different rates after 12weeks of age. If this wasn't true, everyone would have a baby with the exact same size and measurements. My advice: get a second opinion!


please help me - January 10

thanks for replying its two different drs opions



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