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Ice Crusher - April 16

Hello Ladies, I am 37 weeks and for the past few weeks I've been having this pain as if the baby is kicking me in my cervix..that's what it feels like. Can anyone plz tell me what that might mean.


Jenny - April 16

It means exactly that....that you are being punched or kicked in the cervix. I know it can be very uncomfortable...sometimes I cringe and see stars when it happens...or it could be that the baby is dropping into the pelvic cavity and that hurts like a b___h! Good Luck and don't worry about the too shall pa__s soon enough!


Ice Crusher - April 16

Thank You Jenny


Corrina - April 17

Your baby is breech at this time and the bad news is that it is painful because it is so big by 37 wks. They usually turn around (head down) by 7th month and it hurts just as much when they are kicking you in the upper ribs under your b___st. If your baby still feels like it is kicing by next week I would sure mention it to the doctor, since they should be head down and "dropping" or "lightening" (where the head drops down and engages in the pelvis) by 38 wks.


Allison - April 17

It doesn't necessarily mean that the baby is breech, so don't start worrying about that yet. I have the feeling nearly every time I walk and my baby has been head down since 32 weeks. My doctor said that in my case the baby's head is most likely hitting a nerve that ends in the v____al/cervical area. Not a real pleasant feeling, and it can really stop you in your tracks.


Ice Crusher - April 18

thank you very much and yes it does stop me dead in my tracks


Toya - April 18

My baby has been head down since 28 weeks and now that I'm 37weeks I feel her head engaging deeper into my pelvis and it puts a lot of pressure on my cervix at times, but it doesn't hurt though. Haven't experienced any pain in this pregnancy..and with 20 days to go, hopefully I won't...atleast not until the labor. :)


EM - April 18

Last night this had me crying because it was just as I was trying to get to sleep. Usually it happens to me when I'm walking though - VERY painful.



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