HELP 39 Weeks And Nothing

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BKF - April 20

I am 39 weeks and I am o dilated, o%effaced and not dropping. Anyone been in this situation? This is my first and feel so frustrated!!!


Im at 38 wks! - April 21

im at 38 wks and the doctor checked me today and told me I was dropped, and 50% effaced and 1cm dialating.. Do lot's of walking.. And S_x helps too.. haha


Amanda - April 21

ur the same as me. I'm 38 weeks 60% effaced and 1cm dilated. Just because of s_x and walking.


Kymmi - April 21

I was the same way with my last one. Just do a lot of walking (but do not overdo it).


BKF - April 21

I have been walking 1.5 hrs a day, everyday since about 5 months. I am starting to believe that walking doesn't work. Does not being dialated, not thinning and still high at 39 weeks mean that I will probably be overdue?


Candy - April 21

I am 39 weeks and 4 days and I'm just now 1% dialated and 50% effaced. Last Thursday she said my cervix was closed. Some women walk around with their cervix dilated 3 cm. for two weeks so you really can't compare yourself to others. You'll get there. Just remember most first pregnancies go a little overdue so just don't get too anxious to go early and if you do, you'll be extra happy.


Jill - April 22

With my first baby at 39 weeks I was the same 0 and 0, 6 days later I had my baby, so hang in there I think with your second you dialate earlier .


Nancy - April 22

Not to worry, I have been 75% effaced and 2cm dilated and thought wow, I'm going early! Well, have been like that for 4 weeks and nothing! I am 39 weeks today. My Dr said some women go from nothing at all and can deliver the next day, that might be you. Good luck!


BKF - April 29

I am now 40 weeks and 3 days and still nothing. My Dr. said that I am beginning to thin, but not much activity since 39 weeks. I am getting so frustrated!!! I have tried walking and s_x. Can you ask your Dr. to be induced? She doesn't want to induce me till I have hit 42 weeks. I don't know why they have to wait until the baby could be endangered before they induce. Why not do it when it is healthy? I live in Canada, anyone know what my rights are?


k - April 30

being at 42 weeks does not mean your baby is in danger. It is not considered to be post-term until after the 42nd week. If the baby had signs of stress earlier than that you would be induced earlier. 42 weeks is still considered a safe amount of time. Who knows maybe your baby actually needs more time. Don't stress out too much. Stress can stall labor also. Just relax and just give up the frustration by relaxing and enjoying your last days. You will end up missing being pregnant. I have heard that from many women. The baby will not stay in there forever and if there was great concern over the babies saftey the doctor WILL take action! Do something for yourself, Pedicure, long soak in the bath, something you find relaxing and remember it won't be long before you get to meet your new child.


Jill - May 1

My dr is the c___piest dr in the world


Toya - May 1

I am 39 weeks, 2cm dilated...0% effaced, and the baby is still pretty high. I am going to do a lot of walking this week. A lady at my church calls it "duck" walking...when you purposely waddle as you walk so that the baby can descend into the pelvis better. I do not want to pa__s my due date. I hope that she comes this week. :) She's healthy...she's still moving about like she's happy in there. I am so excited! Any day now ladies!


kami - May 19

i totally understand. i am due in two days with my first. the doctor said i am not dilated and am barely thinning. i walk a lot and try to have s_x at least once a day. its hard when you feel like a cow! but just be patient. i look at it this way .. it never hurts to let them cook a little longer. you never know, they might need that extra few days, or dare i say weeks?! good luck.


sara - May 19

I am 39wks and due in 4 days and I have been 75% effaced for 3wks with no dialation. I think maybe I was off on my period date by a week so unfortunatly I think I will be a week later on the birth. Thats so fustrating.


Kate - May 20

Im 41 weeks and 1 day, and getting so frustrated now. I was told yesterday that i'm 2cm dilated and about 50% effaced, but still no sign of any contractions. I've done everything, the walking, the s_x, driving down bumpy roads, had my membranes swept yesterday too, and still no contractions. I don't know how much longer i can hold out, i feel like i'm never going to go into labour.


Krhody - May 28

I am 39 wks. and 2 days with my third and the first 2 babies were 1 wk. early and how cruel that this one is not! ha! I was 2 cm. dialated a week ago and contracting but now my contractions are inconsistent and stalling out.. and my cervix has closed again! YES! it is possible. the doctor said that during contractions you can dialate and then close up again when not contracting. you can be closed in the morning and then deliver that night so don't let dialation and effacement worry you! it can all happen very fast and just WHENEVER! Believe me, I am with you! Good luck!


melanie - May 29

im in the same boat. i tryed everting from walking, s_x, nipple stimulation and castor oil twice an no sign of nothing. Im due May 31 and very impatient. 2 more day until my due date an theres no sign of anything. Just keep active and enjoy the rest as u will need it in the next month or so...GOod Luck!!!



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