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coco797 - December 3

I have nooo idea what to do. When I go on maternity leave, I can either stay at my in-laws, where dh and I currently live, at my grandmother's house or my mom's house. I feel the most comfortable at my mom's since that was "home" for many years. However, she has a dog that sheds alot and the place is dusty. My in-laws house will cleaned by the time dd gets here, they are in the process of steam cleaning the carpet now. The drawback is that I won't have any help if I stay there, and since it's not "home" I don't feel 100% at ease being there all alone. Plus I know my mom and grandmother wanted to help in the beginning. My grandmother's house is also very clean, but she is more old fashioned and I don't feel completely comfortable learning how to br___tfeed with her around. I know this should be an easy decision, but I don't know what to do. Do I stay at my in-laws and figure everything out on my own with no help? Or be uncomfortable at my grandmother's? Is it ok to have dd at my mom's house when she's a newborn, even if it isn't the cleanest?


Krissy25 - December 4

A lot of people bring newborns into homes with pets. You should go where you feel most comfortable, talk to your mom and tell her your concerns about the dog. Maybe you could ask her to do a good house clean and see if a neighbor or someone could watch the dog for a while or keep it confined to a certain area of the house.


jennifer_33106 - December 4

Also unless you have a good understanding relationship with your Inlaws, they might drive you crazy. There is no way in Gods name that I could ever live with my Inlaws. They drive me nuts when I do see them. haha As far as the dog goes, I wouldnt worry about that at all. Did you know that children who are exposed to pets at an early age are less likely to develop allergies to them later on? We have a dog who will be a little over a year by the time our daughter gets here. Most dogs are actually very smart and they know what a baby is and that they have to be gental. GL and go where you are going to be comfy. :)


Mel Page - December 4

I agree with the girls coco, I'm currentlly at my moms house and she's got two huge dogs (a burbull and a ridgeback) and a cat and they are all welcome in the house, ok the maid cleans every day but I'm sure your mom cleans too. I also know that if our bubs are introduced to animals early on that they build up a resistance to lots of allergies. I think when it comes to the decision of where to go, that you should follow your heart girl, and where in the long run will your precious little baby be the most comfortable too?? XxXxX


coco797 - December 4

Thanks for the input! At how many weeks can I introduce dd to the dog? Right away? Or should we wait a couple of weeks? I know her immune system won't be completely developed when she is first born.


DDT - December 4

I have a dog that sheds alot and my ds managed just fine. I just made sure to vacuum & dust 1x a week at the least. I would personally stay where you are more comfortable and that would be your Mom's. You should introduce the dog and your lo right away to prevent any jealousy issues. Do you have a previous relationship with this dog to make her feel jealous? Also, will the dog be getting the same amount of attention as before? (ie. will your Mom be home?) Let the dog sniff your baby with the least amount of people in the room. Don't be tense because the dog will pick up on this. Your lo can't pick up any sickness from a dog...she will more than likely pick up germs from other people than your dog. GL!


Stephanie_31 - December 4

There are very few disases that a human can contract from a dog. It is highly unlikely that your baby will get anything from the dog. I would be more worried about the people that she is exposed to than the dog. The dog will be fine with the baby but just remember it is still a dog and should not be trusted alone with the baby.


coco797 - December 4

Is all that dog fur ok for baby?



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