HELP 38 Weeks It Smells Different Down There

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Missa - August 17

Okay I've had vaginosis before and this definitely isn't the case but since about 37 weeks it has smeeled different down there. It doesn't stink and it's not repulsive or anything but it's different. I lost my mucos plug yesterday and I've been having quite a few va___al exams lately because my Dr. was trying to strip my membranes.... it didn't work.... I just want to know if any of ya'll have had a different smell late in pregnancy or if this could be a sign of labor getting close. Please help me I'm kinda concerned!!! Thanks!!


asianmummy_downunder - August 18

do you get any clear discharge from it? slimy or just watery? cos i get that and the smells is like bleach in a way but not strong or anything like that. from what ive heard its the mucus plug coming away. im also 38 weeks and 5 days and have been getting this for few weeks now. hopefull labor will begin soon. but i hear mucus plug can come out about 3-4weeks before labour begins. good luck!!!


Missa - August 18

Well my smell isn't bleachy.... I really have no idea how to describe it!!! I have been having the watery clear stuff for quite a while now. I am dying for labor to begin!!! I just want everything inside me back in their little spots you know!?!? Ugh I feel miserable and my back kills me. I have HUGE b___sts on a not-so-big frame so I think that has a lot to do with my misery. How do you feel?? You haven't lost your mucos plug yet?? When you do you'll know..... You give birth to a really big booger!!! It's almost like a snotty loogie from a chest cold. Good luck!!


Lala - August 18

Missa, could it be your "water" leaking? Amniotic fluid has a very distinct smell. Kinda like a musty smell. You'd better ask your doctor. They can do a simple listmus paper test to check the pH of the fluid. Sometimes, you just get a slow leak. But you don't want to go too long with your water broken due to risk of infection to the baby. Take care.


Lala - August 23

Is all well with you, Missa?


Missa - August 23

Ohhhh yes I'm doing fine. I went to see my Dr. today and there's no progress. I'm really going to try walking and see how things progress!! I'm effaced a little bit and dialated a smidge. I go back Monday.... maybe my little one will be here by then. I'm sick of this waiting game!!! I know I shouldn't complain because we're both healthy but am I ever sick of being pregnant.


Leslygonzalez - July 28

Im 38 weeks  pregnant and I have been having this weird oder coming from my vaginal for a couple of weeks now I havnt told my dr yet . But I'm really curious about it ? 


brunetteredhead - February 21

so i know youve had your baby by now.. but i have to know the outcome of this. im 36 almost 37 weeks and a couple days ago my mucus plug started coming out in little amounts like twice that day.. then after that it stopped but ive been discharging like crazy at first it was like a clear liquid.. now its normal but runnier and a lot more of it.. and it doesn’t smell like normal discharge the smell is indescribable really its like clean almost but smells like pneumonia or something.. its so weird and this is my first baby so of course im kinda freaked and my OB is useless n makes me feel like a hypochondriac and says everything is normal and ok rather than explaining to me what is going on and why. on top of it ive been cramping really bad for like the last 3 weeks on and off like menstrual cramps n im like wtf. anyone else having these problems on here??   


brunetteredhead - February 21

this pisses me off my doctor didnt even offer this test! 


Kerrshay - June 17

Well, I hope you have shared same with your doctor has he would be able to best determine what the cause of this change in your scent is about. It might not even be anything. However see a link I have shared below on what to expect in your third trimester.





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