Help I Am And Idiot

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taterbaby - June 29

Sorry if this sounds really stupid! I am 30 weeks pregnant. I was trying to find a quick lunch today and I made some pasta sh__l and put some Ragu pasta sauce on it. The problem...I used Ragu that has been in the fridge longer than I thought. I talked to my hubby and I am unsure of how long it had been in the refrigerator. The actual expiration date is in 2008, but the Ragu website said to use it within a week. Come to find out it has been in there a awhile longer than that. I am not sure how long. It seemed fine. It smelled and looked okay. Now I am paranoid that I could have done something to harm my baby. Now I feel icky but it may just be where I have scared myself. Help! Again, sorry if this sounds really stupid!


iakram - June 29

Hi taterbaby - I don't think you should have anything to worry about. It anything your stomach might get upset but that's about it. If it didn't smell funky you should be fine! But your baby should be A-OKAY :)


taterbaby - June 29

Thanks...I hope so. I kinda got panicked. I would rather overreact than not.


skn331 - June 29

I had a similair question about spaghetti sauce a few years ago and called my grandmother for advice. She told me that it has so much salt and is so acidic that it would take a while for anything to really get growing in it. She's no microbiologist, but I think it made some sense. Also, you havent eaten out of it directly, so the contamination would be kept to a minimum. I bet you'll be fine!


Olivene - June 29

I think if you heated it pretty well and you're not having diarreah or vomiting anytime soon, you're probably fine. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't regularly manage to keep up with the c___p in the fridge!


Mingill - June 29

I don't think you've done anything to harm baby, by 30 weeks most of the forming is done, baby is putting on weight from now on. And if there were something seriously wrong with the sauce, you'd know it by now, you'd be sick instead of typing. So, put your mind at ease, you're baby is probably just fine. Now this makes me want to go and clean out my fridge.


carol23 - June 29

If it smelled fine and wasn't green with bubbles and mold (disgusting), i'm sure it was fine. And yeah, you would be vomiting and all by now.


dy - June 29

it was probably fine. when i eat things the baby doesn't like, she sends them right back up to me!


taterbaby - June 29

Thanks everyone...yes, I will be cleaning out the fridge now. I haven't been sick or anything thank goodness. I am sure if it was going to happen, I would by now.


Angiconda - June 29

I wouldnt worry I know that if you get food poisoning it doesn't harm the baby so I think your fine. Hopefully you wont get sick though



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