Help Im Addicted To Chocolate

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dee23 - May 7

i cant stop....i eat chocolate every day. i ate more than half a box of roses yesterday....and today iver eaten a bag of m&m's and want more and its only 1.30pm! im worried that its going to cause ADD or something in my little boy. sugar or caffine from any other sorce makes me sick.....i dont drink coffee or drink any soda like coke...i cant eat sugary foods of any sort so it just doesnt make any sence. im not overr wieght and ive gained 9kg/19pounds and im almost 30wks...ive been told that thats pretty spot on. im not over weight and im quite small. ho do i stop.....i need an overeaters anonomous thread! i try my hardest to eat healthy but im always too tired to cook....and it seems that im excited about eating breakfast and dinner but lunh is always binging on chocolate. is ADD someting i should be worrying about in my boy? i dont have any complications...just low iron.....any advice u girls have will be really appreciated cause this is a big issue for me..cheers :)


cherryripe - May 8

Lol! :-). Im in the same boat as you, except Im also addicted to frozen coke! SOMEBODY STOP ME......................


Dawn - May 8

Don't worry dee23 your not the only one as I have to have a double decker chocolate bar ever day. I have even tried buying the packs of mini chocolates and only allowing myself one a day but I end up eating 3 or 4 of them. If you don't eat any other sugary foods and don't drink soda of caffine that I should think that it would be ok to eating a small bar of chocolate everyday, just make sure that you are eating plenty of fruit, veg etc.


pbj - May 8

Chocolate is not that bad for you. It has alot of antioxidants. I would just watch out for its caffiene content, just be sure you're not getting too much. I craved potato chips, now those have no nutritional benefit at all.


HannahBaby - May 8

Be careful!! I was pregnant 2 halloweens ago and ate alot of chocolate.....and gained 20lbs in October and november together! My dr says what in the heck are you doing to gain 10lbs a month for 2 months in a row.....i put my head down and say "im eating every single bag of discounted halloween candy that i can find" Needless to say he ripped me a new a$$hole and sent me on my way. I will NEVER do that again. I gained way too much weigh for no reason. Im being good this 17 weeks and havent gained a pound yet


torbman - May 8

I would say careful with the caffine intake. My girlfriend was really bad for caffine. I think she drank like 7 or 8 cans of coke a day, cause she had such a craving for it. It didn't harm her baby physically but she ended up not having the antibodies in her saliva, or something like that, to fight off germs, and now has to have her teeth capped, at 12 becasue her teeth are black. Not that a bar a day would do that but I think if you had enough a day. I know I am bad for having tea and coffee a day. I try to drink decaf but it doesn't always happen. Take care


angelbebe - May 8

Oh I gave up the fact that I'm addicted months ago! I too seem to have some at least every other day. You'd have to eat ALOT of chocolate though to run into risks with caffeine, especially if you aren't also drinking soda, coffee, etc...I've actually read studies that suggest a little chocolate is healthy during pregnancy. I wouldn't stress about it. Don' t put that kind of worry into your body. Your body listens to what you have to say. On the other hand, because the evidence isn't conclusive, try to eliminate a serving a two a week and/or reduce your serving size...little by little. No point in quitting cold turkey. However, this is my opinion.


Brittany - May 8

OMG!!!! I was scrolling down the forum posts with my hersheys chocolate bunny in hand and saw your post. I'm eating chocolate as we speak! lol. I don't think you should worry about anything, your weight gain looks good. I'm 31 weeks and have gained 16 pounds despite my chocolate intake. I just try to cut back on all other sugary foods/drinks. I read one post and the person said that chocolate has antioxidants and whatnot, thats only in dark chocolate not regular. Anyways, good luck with your baby! The whole chocolate thing amazes me in my pregnancy because before being pregnant, I hated chocolate and chocolate cake and just anything chocolate, now I'm eating some everyday!! I love my chocolate milk before bed too lol!


HannahBaby - May 8

Chocolate milk has been my subsatute this pregnancy. I drink fat free milk so thats really the best chocolate!!



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