Help In Premature Labor And Need Girl Names

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babyfever2006 - October 23

I am stting here in the hospital with no name for my baby girl. I am only 32 weeks and expected to have until December to decide. If anyone could throw out some ideas, it would be much appreciated.


missy046 - October 23

I hope and pray all goes well for you! What about Arianna or Eva


Tory1980 - October 23

We had lots of different names but deciding on one is causing problems! Sophie, Sophia, Peyton, Lucy, Ciarak, Kayleigh, Imogen, Inara, Arianna, Ella, Evie, Eva, Samantha, Kathryn, Kaitlyn, Hannah, Leah, Shannon, Anna, Ca__sandra etc. The names went on and on. Take is as easy as you can for now but get a book asap!!! LOL! Congratulations in advance on your baby girl!


jessieb - October 23

there is a social security website for baby names : ssa dot gov/OACT/babynames/ or I loved baby name genie dot com, with that one you can put in your last name and they give you suggestions! Good luck!


DaBonkElsMe - October 23

Personally I really like traditional names, Grace, Ruth, Lia, Ellen, Ella, Hellen, Estella, Juliet, Isabella, Barbara, Anne, Evewhen you see her little face, something will just make sense! Good luck, I hope it goes smoothly.


Kira_lynn - October 23

Aw, an early baby is a hard enough situation. Names can be difficult, especially now that you feel rushed. Maybe think of names that represent what a fighter she'll be. Like, Hope, Grace, Serenity. Remember that when you see her a name just might 'fit'. Dont feel bad if you have to wait til after she's born, it happens a lot.


tish212 - October 23

I always loved the name Soleigha in spanish it translates to sunny girl (sol ella) pronounced (so lay uh) but I am also in love with different unique names.... gl and congrats ...


Brendansmom - October 23

First, good luck with your delivery!! I have to agree with the moms here, I have always loved the name Grace, it's just so cla__sic and elegant. Our girl choices were Meagan and Bridget. Like one of the moms suggested, Breanne/a means strong. Again, good luck!!


babyfever2006 - October 23

Thanks for you all of your help and suggetions! I do agree with Debonk and Brenda with the traditional names. I love Isabella and we were stuck on Isabella Rae but the nurses here keep telling us that there have been a lot of Isabella's lately! My DH loves Gretchen Rylee which was our original name that we had picked but there are a lot of people who have actually told me that they hate the name! (atleast they are honest!). Other options we had picked were Ryanne, Avery or Annabelle. Can I get a vote on these? Oh, and baby is doing great. I always thought that when your water broke it meant immediate labor but the nurses have been able to make her stay put for the last 2 days. Doctor says she should make her appearance within the week though. I pray that her lungs will be strong enough!!


DDT - October 23

I vote for Avery....I'm biased though as that is the name I have picked out if our next lo is a girl.


corbin289 - October 23

If I was having a girl I was going to name her Reese. I also liked Stella, Layla, Ava, Lilly & Hazel. Good luck!!


Brendansmom - October 23

My suggestion from the names you have listed is Avery Rae or Annabelle Grace. Glad to hear baby is doing fine. And don't worry about the lungs, they have a steroid shot to help them mature. I'm sure she'll be perfect!


Tory1980 - October 23

I like Avery, it is unique. Annabelle is sweet too and if it does get shortened it can have numerous ways to do it and all are good!!! With your waters gone here (in N.I) they wont let you go longer than 72hours without you going into labour as the risk of infection is too high. Have they given you steroids for the baby? If so then the lungs should definitely be covered - they allow quick development and usually advance the lungs by about 3weeks gestation (making her a 35weeker!!). I hope all goes well. At present they expect the same with me although I am lucky my waters are still intact. I spent last week in the hospital and have been sent home still having irregular contractions. I am 28w4d so too early yet but with having the steroids etc and the cramping for the past few weeks they have told me they won't stop a labour if thats the way it is going. Quite a scary thought. This is my fourth baby but is turning out like my first who I delivered at 33w4d. Take care and I hope your little one is healthy and well!! Good luck!


babyfever2006 - October 24

I appreciate everyone's opinions! It's looking like Avery is the popular vote! Tory, good luck with everything! I know how you're feeling with the waiting and worrying. I know its difficult for me to be sitting here in the hospital where I have more time to worry! Think only positive thoughts!



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