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Mzwest83 - October 20

Ok her is my story. I am 32 weeks pregnant and high risk. Yesterday I went for my usually 2 week internal and external U/S to find out my doctor is on vaction until next week so I had to see some one else. I did and he was nice and all but he only did a internal u/s and really does not know my case much. My cervix went from 2.3 ( was 2.2 at u/s before that one) to 2. My doctor said anything lower than 2.2 I was going into the hospital. This guy just said well we are doing everything we can and told me to set up a regular not u/s appointment in 2 weeks. Well I was not happy. But last nigt I noticed I was feeling really heavy and painful down south with some pressure ( not much pressure but some.) IF I lay down flat if goes somewhat away. ( But I have really bad heart burn so) I am also having what I would call little gushies of ?.Not all the time but I can def feel it when It happens. I go to the restroom and pee when I wipe I smell it and if has a slight odor of urine but not really alot. Could it be water leaking or me peeing and not knowing it? Hubby thinks I am just crazy mom thinks I need to go to the hospital.I really just want my Dr. Back!!! He will not be back until next week.


DDT - October 20

I just want to say that when I was at your stage of the pregnancy I felt pressure, pelvic pain, and had gushes of cervical fluid. The fact that the pressure goes away when you lay down means it is baby's head causing the pressure which is completely normal. Really bad heart burn is normal to...tums helped for me. When the gushes started happening to me I also thought it might be my water breaking, it looked cloudy white in colour. But my doc tested me and it was just excess mucus which come out in spurts when baby puts extra pressure on the cervix. If you are really worried go into the ER to be tested to see if its your waters. I don't understand your entire situation though - ie. reason you are high risk - so this is just my own experiences I am relating to you. Do whatever puts your mind at rest.


Mzwest83 - October 20

I am high risk due to preterm labor/delieveries. One at 26 weeks and the second I went into labor at 26 weeks but was able to stop it. I think I might just go to the er. I really don't want to go and them say you crazy girl it is just you peeing your self! LOL


LIN - October 20

I agree with DDT. If you're having pressure that goes away when you lay down, then you are not in labor. If you were leaking water, it should not have any smell at all. If it smells of urine, then it probably is. But I also agree with DDT that you should do what will put your mind at ease. The worst that could come out of a trip to the ER is that you get sent back home. I'd definitely call your doc's office and express your concerns first, though.


Mzwest83 - October 21

Well I went to the ER per doctors orders. They said I have a pulled ligament (sp) as for the mucus it is due to increased pressure from baby. They had me hooked up to the monitors and said I was having contractions due to UTI. So i am on meds for that now. Thanks for all the input



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