Help This Is Waay Too Soon

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inuk-mama - October 11

35 weeks tomorrow. Just got over stomach flu but this morning started major diarhea (sorry tmi) and contractions coming every minute not lasting long but very painful!! What's going on!!!


skylite - October 11

Hi inuk, that sound like the beginning stages of labor, but not exactly sure... I have been having loose bm as well but not nothin major... Just keep an eye on it, question for you, your contractions are they more in your stomach or more menstrual like, because I have really bad menstrual cramps throughout the day, and of course I don't pay to much attention... My doc thinks I may go early! How have you been feeling?


January - October 11

Call your doc.. this could be it.


January - October 11

Also, if you get to the dr soon enough, they'll do everything they can to stop labor.. let us know!


inuk-mama - October 11

contractions have stopped. No signs of slowing on the other part of it though! I am still going to call the dr. and may even go up to obs today


inuk-mama - October 11

well I've got to go in this afternoon. They want to make sure I'm not getting dehydrated. I'm kind of hoping this is it and I just go there and have a baby! I've said it before, I'm tired of being pregnant!!!!! So I will keep you updated but if you don't hear from me into the weekend, a__sume that I'm staying at the hospital hotel! ;) Thanks guys!!


January - October 11

Good luck!!!


alirenee86 - October 11

what is the difference with menstrual cramps? Are they more of a true sign of potential early labor? Because I'm 35 weeks and have been having on and off menstrual cramps as well. Im not paying too much attention because I'm used to menstrual cramps my whole life and it's not really bothering me- maybe it should? Is that really a sign of potential early labor? I HOPE NOT!!! Unlike many of you, I don't feel ready yet!! Too much to do still!!


HeavenisMine - October 11

It could be it, or the very early stages, in any case you may very well go early. I get lots of menstrual like cramps but they never last. Like many I want to get this baby out now!! I will be 35 weeks on Monday, so I have to wait some, I do want her to mature a little more of course. But it is so hard to not just plop over and say now. How do you ladies who carry to term and post term do it?? I am without understanding!


Buffi R. - October 11

Inuk - it sounds to me like you could be dehydrated. That can be caused very easily by the diarrhea, and dehydration can cause lots of contractions. Usually they're the non-productive type that won't cause cervical dilation, but you never know. I recently went through a bout of diarrhea and had lots of BH contractions until my doctor reminded me to stay hydrated, get my feet up and take it easy. That made the contractions go away. And that's the big differnce between productive and non-productive contractions. The productive ones when you're truly in labor won't let up no matter what you do, they'll just get worse and closer together.


emfine99 - October 11

Wow, for your sake, hopefully it is it and you have her! :-) And hopefully she will be fine! But if it's not time, let's pray she stays in a little longer! Keep us posted and good luck!!! I wish I could have mine already, but I really want her to stay in until at least 38 weeks!



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