Help Weight Gain At A Halt 31 Weeks

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Kami - November 3

I am currently 31 weeks and in the last 31/2 weeks I've only gained 1/2 pound. Is this okay or is there possibly something wrong with my baby? Throughout the pregnancy I have gained a total of twenty pounds and everything has been going well. This sudden halt in weight gain is scaring me. My doctor told me try drinking milk shakes and lets see what happens. I just want to know has anyone else weght gain been similar to this? I would like to hear any comments anyone has to offer.


Audrey - November 3

Hi Kami, I am 35 weeks and have gained a total of 21, i also stopped gaining at 32 weeks, you should be just fine..


Jodie - November 3

I was the same so i stopped weighing myself, then a couple of days ago i decided to check my weight, i had gained 5kg in under 2 months


Ellen - November 3

I am 35 1/2 weeks and have only gained 13 pounds so far. I started out weighing 141 and now only weigh 154. I have only gained 1/2 lb since 28 weeks. My dr thinks it's great and so did I (at the beginning). They had told me around 28 weeks to start walking like I used to do before I got pregnant. They said it would help me with my multiple sclerosis after giving birth so I did. I think thats why I haven't gained anything. I eat lots but my mom thinks I am starving my baby girl. As long as the dr doesn't seemed concerned, I won't get upset by it. Besides, that just means less weight to lose afterwards :-) I personally think that sometimes the baby actually takes the weight off of the mom instead of the mom gaining for 2. Dont worry. I am sure your little one is doing great!!!


Patience - November 4

I have only gained 12 pounds at 31.5 weeks. I developed GD and was put on a diet for the glucose levels so that is probably why I haven't gained like I should, but the dr says the baby is healthy and doing well. I'm going to end up skinnier than I was when I got pregnant!


Lenore - November 4

I am 32 weeks and have gained 2 pounds in 5 weeks, but gained 20 pounds in the beginning of my pregnancy. The doctor said it was just fine, I was actaully happy that the weigh gain slowed down.



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