HELP Whats Going On I Cant Take It Anymore

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Daisy - September 10

38 weeks 2cm 80%.......Well yesterday around 4pm i started getting back pains and lower pains like i was bout ot start my period...Well they kept getting worse so i called my doctor and he said go to the hospital so i did well they hooked me on everything and checked my cervix and it was still the same so they monitered me for bout an hour and i was even more in pain so the checked me again and it was still the they told me it just early labor and they gave me a shot in my butt for the pain and to help me sleep... and now im still in pain not as bad as yesterday but it does hurt...Has anybody gone through this?? What do yall think that is happening? Thanks


Missey - September 10

I haven't experienced anything like that..other than if it is just early labor pains...but sounds different. I'm surprised they didn't keep you and just start you on pitocin to help go ahead and have the baby. Where you having contractions? I had both of my kids at 38 weeks...currently expecting #3(36weeks)


Nelly - September 10

heres my experienc I went into false labor Tuesday the 12 of July and I was a 2 and I went home and the contractions were 3 mins apart and getting painful. I lost my plug and was dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced Thursday the 14 and starting Friday night I started having contractions 3-4 an hour and but the timing between was not consistent and it lasted all night and all through the morning Saturday and they were starting to get more painful and I went to the hopital and I was a 4 and they sent me home saying it was false and I went home with meds to stop the pain and to sleep and my contractions were getting stronger and stronger the meds didnt help they were 10mins apart for 3 hours then 6mins apart then 2mins apart and I went to the hospital and I was a 7 and I ended up having my daughter naturally. Sometimes the doctors are wrong you know? They were so wrong with me you just know when something is going on my doctors kept saying no time soon and look what happened. Good luck with everything.


miranda - September 10

I'm having the same problem. It's early labor, some of us just do it over days instead of all at once. I'm 3 cm as of yesterday, but I had steady contractions from 7 pm to about one in the morning when I fell asleep. When I woke up, they were gone. I'm determined not to go in until they are at least 5 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. They did get to be abotu 5 minutes apart, but they were only 45 seconds long usually, so I waited. Glad I did, or I wouldn't have got any sleep. Just hang in there and resist the urge to go to the hospital before your contractions are consistently 4 or 5 minutes apart and lasting at least 60 seconds, and this has been happening for over an hour. Especially if this is your first baby. You'll have time.


AIsha - September 10

Im 38 weeks..3cm and 80% and having pains on and off. Ilive 10 minutes from the hospital and I dont intend to go there until im ready to tear my skin off my face to be honest. I know how worse it is in the hospital laboring for hours and I dont want that at all.



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