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ejmeskan - March 12

Well I am 30 weeks and am already struggling with hip pain at night. I am hoping this passes but with the other posts I am afraid it won't. I am really struggling with only sleeping on my side. I wake up with my hips almost burning. Any advice on how I can get more comfortable or get rid of that pain? It is causing some sleeplessness. I would LOVE to sleep on my back but know I can't. I am afraid the answer here will be "SUCK it UP- you only have 10 weeks left" but that is a long time without sleep!!! Thanks!


Faye84 - March 12

why cant you sleep on your back? Is it just uncomfortable or has the doc told you not to? Ive always thought that you arent suppose to sleep on your back, and I asked the doc about it and she told me that its fine. Its hard for most people to sleep on their side the whole night anyways. But what i would suggest is to buy a whole lot of pillows. Ive noticed that its hard to stay on my side because my abs arent as stable anymore so i put a pillow by my back to support it, and it really does help. Maybe if you got some pillows and put a bunch under and around your hips to support it, it might make it feel better.


sahmof3 - March 12

Hopefully this will help... I used to sleep on my side with a pillow under my belly and one b/w my thighs and one under my feet to elevate them a bit. Don't ask how I figured out this comination LOL. I basically had to lay completely still or the pain would shoot down my hips and legs... oww!, but if I stayed still it was ok.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 12

I know this isnt much help, but weeks 29-31 were HORRIBLE for me too, I dont think I slept more than a total of about 3 hours that entire time. However, as soon as week 31 hit, I suddenly became able to sleep again - hopefully this keeps up for at least a little while. Good luck!


ejmeskan - March 12

Fay84- my doctor seems to be extremely relaxed and so when I asked about sleeping on my back I thought FOR SURE he would say it isn't a big deal at all- and to my amazement he was very strict about the fact that the weight of the uterus cuts off blood flood in the main artery/vein to the baby and my heart so I need to refrain from it....I have been doing a body pillow but I am going to try to do one under my feet. Aaaaaa-that makes me feel better- hopefully it does pa__s! Thanks!


misschrissie - March 12

I go to the chiropractor once a week. The pain started happening for me in the second month and as soon as I started going to see him, the pain stopped. I sleep quite well at night, other than having to get up every 2 hours to pee.


ejmeskan - March 12

I just need to bite the bullet and go to the Chiro- this is the first time since I have been PG (thank goodness) that I have had real difficulty sleeping!!! Thanks


jessica72 - March 12

EJ, I ditto all the pillow advice, especially one under my belly to support it, between my knees and behind the small of my back. Plus another great help has been some sciatic nerve yoga stretches right before bedtime. You can probably google this and find some examples. They help some and also when I get that shooting pain, I rock my pelvis inward and contract and it goes away miraculously and gives me some temporary relief. I miss sleep too!!!


excited2bemama - March 12

I sleep on my side with my body pillow or on my back.. If u don't have a body pillow you should try on- they are great!!! Also when my hips start to ache in the middle of the night I switch to my back and that helps...


babyonboard16 - March 12

Try sleeping on your back, I thought I couldn't either, and when I brought it up in front my nurse she was like who told you that? So I guess it's fine after all.


missycc4 - March 12

I could sleep on my back if I had a lot of pillows. Under my kness and feet. Almost like sitting up as if you were sick with a really bad cold and couldn't breath. This is my last night with no sleep. I only got 7 hours if that in the last two days. It sucks. Try asking your Dr. for some sleeping pills. my Dr told me that if I needed help sleeping she would give me something. Take some Tylenol Extra Strength two everynight be4 bed.


nanders - March 12

Hi there it sounds like you may be sufferring from sciatica! The pinching of the sciatic nerve, common in pg as the baby puts pressure on it. It runs from the base of your spine down thru the hips and right down to your ankles, hence why some women go numb all the way down. It hurts the worst in the hips and near the outside for me. Try a body pillow for between your knees and to support the belly when on your sides. You can lay on your back for short periods just be sure to have a couple pillows proped up under your knees to aleviate the pressure put on your verna cava the big vein the doc was talking about or bend one leg completely it helps to relax the nerve a bit. try alternating ice and heat, 15mins on and off, starting with ice if it's really enflamed!! Treat it like an injury like a sprained ankle. Also go for a pg ma__sage!!! They are wonderful it may hurt the first few times in the area but will get better! Mine was so bad it had fused to my tailbone!! It tokk abit but doesn't bother me hardly at all now! I really hope this helps, and walking and stretching help too, just don't sit there and don't slouch!!! It really hurts and I'd hate anyone being in pain! good luck!!


Memphisbaby - March 12

EJMESKAN-I have the same problem with hip pain at night. My step mom told me when she was prego that laying on her back for too long actually caused her to get light headed and then pa__s out. I, however, recline on my back quite often when watching tv...and at night when the pain gets too bad I lay on my back for about 10 mins, and the throbbing in my hips subsides. I have not had any problems with occa__sionally laying on my back (but my stepmom obviously had a terrible time with that). So, ask your doc, but I'm sure a little time on your back prob. won't be terrible. Just as long as you are concious about how long you do it for. Hope that helps!


flappergirl - March 12

hey ej - have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your knees. That's what really works for me. Although I do still turn on my back for a few minutes sometimes if that doesn't help. good luck.


ejmeskan - March 13

Thanks for all of the advice ladies. I do have a body pillow that i have been sleeping with for the past few months- it has always helped but I am just a__suming the added weight is causing the hip pain, I do suffer from sciatica which unfortunately isn't related to this pain- that is a whole different pain! :) My doctor unfortunately told me that I really should not sleep on my back that it cuts off blood flow to the main artery and causes the baby's heartrate to drop. Oh well- all of your advice is great and I will figure something out- I may take someone up on the sleeping pills advice!!!



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