Help Bleeding After Membrane Sweep

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Gemini_Girl - February 12

Hi gals im 40+4 and had 2nd membrane sweep today, unlike last time this time my cervix was favourable, the m/w said it was really soft and im 1-2cm dilated! Anyways she said to expect some bleeding but I dont know how much is some, when i got home i had some fresh blood, and when I wipe there are some dark red blobs like clots, its as heavy as a normal period and is still ongoing (4hours now) I phoned midwife for advice but if your not contracting or had waters break I feel they are not interested, and they said it maybe just a show but to keep an eye on it, im not sure what to look for and when to phone them back dont want to sound paranoid! ive had no contractions and some mild cramping but nothing more! Please help!


Kiersten - February 12

Hi Gemimi_Girl! Congrats on your lo! Sounds promising to me. I had my membrane sweep done and went into labor the next day. Started out with the same thing you just described. Turned to much more show (mucus plug included) and harder contrations. If you feel you're bleeding too much, definitely call your midwife again. Honestly, call even if you just want to let them know what's up. That's their job-taking care of you and babe. Hope all goes well! Do you know what you're having? Motherhood is an awesome thing and is sooo worth what they put us through in pregnancy and delivery! :-)


Astra - February 12

If you are very concernend just go to the hospital. It's your body and your baby and if you feel you are not getting enough attention then just go there and have them check you out. It's not worth it at this point to be nervous. Good luck and wish you a speedy and easy delivery.


jennifer_33106 - February 12

LESLEY!!! I hope this is it for you!! I have my fingers and toes and any other apendages I can get a hold of crossed especially for you. haha


sarah21 - February 12

Sounds promising... should be soon!!!!


swollenangel - February 12

Wow lesley! Pls keep us updated...Im scheduled 4a membrane sweep thurs & im really nervous cos i dunno wat to expect! Hope everything goes well! And if u feel real worried,call them many times as it takes 4them to listen! Good luck mamma,cant wait to hear ur birth story!



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