Help Does Anyone Like My Baby Name

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Christie917 - January 17

I am due with my second child, a girl, on April 11. My sons name is Preston Tyler. I absolutely love his name because its not too common but its not strange either. I knew as soon as i heard it that it was going to be his name. I picked out Jayla Noelle for my baby, but I am having trouble with it. I love it, but everyone is saying it sounds 'ghetto'. I dont want her going through life with a name that doesnt fit her. Any opinions or suggestions...Please!! Thanks!


mary b - January 17

Girl, you are the only one who has to love the name....forget what everyone else says! I think it's beautiful! We didn't tell our names for both kids to anyone until after they were born. I didn't want to hear people's opinion cause it usually isn't good. Good luck! And remember the person makes the name, the name doesn't make the person.


Brenna - January 17

First of all if you love it,then it doesn't matter what anyone else says.Secondly,my daughter Madilyn was born on April 11th,2007 it's a good day!My baby is due on March 5th and we have decided on Aubrey for a girl or Jackson for a boy.I definitely agree with not telling the names beforehand,although I guess that is easier for us to do ,since we never know what we're having.


CodyKatie5 - January 18

I agree with the first two women who posted. It's really a decision that is up to you and your hubby. I am due March 5 with a little girl and her name is Payslie. When I tell people her name, they're like, oh, like Brad Paisley. I just say "Yeah." I don't really care what other people think. My hubby and I like the name and that's what counts. :)


Jessy216 - January 18

i like the name personally and i agree with the other post. they dont have to live with you and your baby, nor do they have to call her name so it doesnt matter. im naming my babygirl Jalea Nevaeh, people have told me that sounds "ghetto" as well. i love my daughters name, so their opinion doesnt matter. as long as you like the name, thats all that should matter! :)


Krissy25 - January 18

I don't know why people would think the name Jayla sounds "ghetto" I think it sounds like a pretty little girl's name. Oddly enough a few people even said that about my dd's name, Jacquelyn??? I ignored them and stuck with it, i think it is a beautiful name. Honestly Jayla is a fine name, i think you should stick with it.


kmoselle - January 20

My niece- who is caucasion- is named Jayla. Everyone compliments her name, says it is a beautiful name- and it is! As long as you love the name, that is all that metters. I love the name, it sounds so breezy and sing-song pretty!



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