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frozenfeet - September 28

Hi ladies - quick question! I feel like I might be getting a yeast infection. I'm over 40 weeks pregnant and could be in labor any time now. I'm wondering if any of you know whether it is ok to use an internal medication to treat this or if I should just avoid the internal meds and try to tough it out. My prenatal clinic is closed today, I called L&D and they said they aren't sure if it is ok this close to labor or not....and to come in and get assessed by the doctor on call but that seems like a huge hassle! Any experience or suggestions to this would be so great!! Thanks a million!!!


January - September 28

I wouldn't use anything internal. Especially since at this point, I'm sure you are dialated a bit. You wouldn't want to introduce anything foreign into your baby's space. I would go in and be a__sessed as they have suggested. You also don't want to go into labor and have the baby pa__s through the infection.


lissica - September 28

I agree. I would go in as well even though it seems like a pain in the b___t. Geez what a time to get an infection. I hope that baby comes soon for you sarah.


DeeD - September 28

How funny-I just got off the phone with my doctor and they told me to use monistat with the one time supository (even though I am dialated) and then the external cream. I had some of the same thoughts you are. I have never had a yeast infection and this just stinks. But yes, I literally was sitting here reading posts and as I hung up I read yours. So, I would imagine you would be fine. You may want to call your own doc to get his opinion.


DaBonkElsMe - September 28

yeast infection medication is generally thought to be safe for pregnancy. The infection is probably more dangerous than the remedy (although I am sure it's nothing to worry about). I am not a doctor, but if I were you, I would do what DeeD suggested and use a one time suppository and then the external cream. Good luck Sarah, I can't wait to log on here and see your birth story posted!! Won't be long now!


afireinsideamanda - September 28

yeah i think i might be getting one...i guess i should call to be sure but i think it would be terrible to have one during childbirth



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