Help Is It My Mucus Plug

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evae777 - January 12

I felt a gush and went to check my underwear and there was a really thick (never seen anything like it before) mucousy looking discharge, but it wasn't tinged red or pink, it was kinda yellow and clear. could this be part of the mucus plug? i am due tomorrow!! i really hope this is a sign. can anyone comment?


Cevvin - January 12

Sounds like mucus plug/blood show to me. Should be anytime, start walking to get it moving along faster, or take the day to relax and wait for the real work to begin. Good Luck, im jealous


KRISTINA - January 12

OMG! I went to the bathroom this morning and i wiped and I had the same thing. It wasnt red or pink at all, just yellowy greenish clear like. Its our plugs! But I lost mine with my last and still didnt go into labor for a week or so. But you are so close to your due date that it could be really close for you. I hope I hang on for one more week. My husband gets home in a few days.


Cevvin - January 12

kristina, you have to remember that your mucus plug regenerates up until you give birth. So its really not a sign of labor unless its tinged with blood (blood show). Good Luck.


KRISTINA - January 12

Cevvin- Thats why I said that with my last child I lost it weeks before I went into labor.


sarah21 - January 12

I'm only 30 weeks and every once in a while I'll lose a bit of my plug, too. Enough that I have to wipe several times to get it off. So I think Cevvin is probably right-- when it's tinged with blood, it's really close!! Good luck, and hopefully you'll go soon!!


treshala - January 12

that sure sounds like a mucus plug to me


KRISTINA - January 12

Loosing your mucus plug and a bloody show are two different things. You can loose your mucus plug a month before you go, but if you have a bloody show, you will probably go in the next few days. WIth my last I lost my mucuse plug weeks before i went into labor and I had a bloody show (with no mucus) the day before I went into labor. But the fact that you have lost your plug means your cervix is thining and because you due date is TOMORROW, you could go at any moment. But there are only 3 sure fire signs that you are going to go water breaking, progressive contraction, and bloody show.


ash2 - January 12

Actually i lost my mucus plug with NO bloody show and went into labor within 24 hours of both pregnancies.....


KRISTINA - January 12

You know, I was thinking about that this morning. I knew that you could go into labor without ever loosing your mucus plug, or at least not noticing that you ever did, but I wasnt sure if everybody had a bloody show or not. I guess not! But if you do have a bloody show, and its not after you just had s_x, I would say that you are going to go into labor SOON.


jenice - January 12

I don't know, because they just don't show what that actually looks like in prenatal cla__ses...arghh. (yeah, it would be gross, but oh so helpful...) But I hope for you it is! Good luck!! I hope to be reading all about your super quick and pain-free delivery soon!


joeysmom - January 13

I lost my mucus plug with my last son and it was bloody and mucusy around 8 at night and my water broke 5 hours later. I am due on the 23rd and I have had that yellowish clear discharge for several days now. So hopefully it's still a sign of going into labor soon!!


evae777 - January 13

i sure hope that i will go into labor soon. i don't know why we are so impatiently waiting! it's as if my life won't start again until I get this over with! i am still losing more of the plug, still gross and clear looking, but no bloody show & i have noticed that he has dropped alot so maybe, i really hope, that the time is near. thanks for all your responses to my question :P


izechsmama - January 13

Evae! We're all pullin for you! Good luck... i hope your lo decides to come soon!



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