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SAMMY - February 15

I am in so much agony i am really tired of being pregnant, i am 32 weeks + 1day I am pretty much sure i have SPD and i can hardly move at times, i went to see the consultant and basically he told me to grin and bare it till the end because there nothing that can really be done. He did push down on my pubic bone and asked if it hurt, i said no because it didnt. But now i can feel it hurting and when i press down on it its painful almost like its bruised. I click sometimes and it feels like my bones are sepaerating. Also i get stabbing pains in my va___a, when im not getting pains there i get stabbing pains in my stomach and dull aches and like cramping too, i can still feel this at times when i am resting but when i rest i can feel like a really dull ache in my back. Maybe all this is part of pregnancy but its getting to much for me to bare now, i want to go see the midwife or ring them but when i ring them they say just rest its all normal at this stage. If only they knew how much pain i was in, im not getting listened to and i feel i should have to put up with it. Has anyone got anything to say on this. I wish i wasnt pregnannt anymore, no one can help me. Im so fed up and its getting me really down


Lynn - February 15

Hey, I'm listening... I am due in a couple weeks now, but I have and still am experiencing what you are; sharp twinges in the v____a, feeling of your pelvic bones spreading apart. I told my doctor too, and yes, it is just all part of the fun... And I truly have been really enjoying this pregnancy, through the heartburn and all. But when those miserable days are present, I too wish it were over. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE HUN!! And ya know something? Once you are able to hold that little bundle in your arms, you will forget it all. It will be so worth it. I am 39 years old, my husband and I have two "children" ages 18 and 20!!! And now we are due with a baby boy... Starting over! I feel your pain, and just venting it out can really help. Keep writing; I'll be more than happy to sympathize with you. Hey you deserve some sympathy!! It's not easy to go through this!! Take care...


SAMMY - February 15

Thankyou so much Lynn for your kind words. Yes it defenetly will be worth it in the end. I already have a 16 month old and when i was pregnant with him it wasnt painful like it is now. The things we go through ay! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy :)


Tasha - February 15

Hey there Sammy. I am 32 weeks and 5 days and I feel every once of your pain! I think that I have that SPD thing too and it sure does suck. It just feels like the bones are seperating especially when I have been in a position for a while and then go to go and move. YOUCH. I also have this pain across the front of my belly mostly on the left side and it feels like when you have a bruise and someone touches it. It feels like that all the time, dont know what it is but it is really really starting to make me unhappy. I get those stabbing pains in my v____a too, and the ache in the back I have just come to the conclusion that it is ok for my b___t to feel like it is going to break off. lol I know exactly how you feel. Some days are better that others. Well it is nice to know that there is someone out there who knows what I feel like, not that I think it is good that you are in pain, but it is nice to be able to relate to someone. Talk back soon.


Sammy - February 15

Anyone whats to chat about our suffering lol email me [email protected]


Kirsti - August 15

I have been dealing with this since I was 16 weeks. It is excrutiating at times so I know how you feel. The only thing that helps me is taking a warm bath and TRYING to relax. I am on my feet 10 hours a day so that doesn't help. I was told the same thing by my doctor, nothing I can do, just deal with it. I never had this with my first child so it was scary. I still have 9 weeks to go and sometimes think there is no way I can handle it. At least now I know that it has a name. Thanks


S. - August 15

aww, I m sorry. a lot of us are getting to that point of wanting to see the baby and being miserable and huge... :( Can you go in to the Dr and tell them you feel youre being ignored? I feel very miserable myself, and I know youre worried, I can relate. If it helps, we are all here for you... I would try to insist on being heard at the dr office, but truthfully, there isnt much they can do except recommend you rest, Id think, Poor dear.


Louise - August 16

I came on the site tonight to find an email just like yours. I am 37 weeks and so tired and misrable. I have loved being pregnant and I can't wait to see my baby boy, so I feel guilty to complain. It's just getting so hard that I worry I'm okay. I'm so tired now that I do not know how to sit, lay or stand that I can take for very long. Today is the second day I have not left the house and I feel like I'm beyond exhausted to go out again before the labor begins. I am also worried that I am so exhausted in this state how will I ever rest up for the delivery?! At least I know from reading the other posts that nothing is wrong with me. Take care everyone.


Staci - August 17

Louise- I posted that same question last week but sadly no one responded (I think it was called 33 weeks and incapacitated). I am with you! I am 34 weeks and cant stand, sit, lie down, sleep, eat, etc. The not sleeping is the worst of it. I sleep in 30 min increments, and am up for hours each night, I constantly wake up with back pain , indigestion, restless legs, baby headb___tng my bladder, and man am I sweating.. and I am nonfunctional all day long... swollen feet and aching back keep me from doing anything all day. and I too feel guilty, cause I cant wait for the baby to come but am tired of being pregnant too like you said. we are in the same boat. I keep saying to my mom, "how am I going to manage labor when I am this incapacitated now?" and like you I keep worrying if everythings okay since I feel so bad. I cant wait to have my son and feel more normal and get to see him..I feel like a beached whale.



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