Help Me Out Girls

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Rhonda - February 11

Well this probably a stupid question but i have to ask!! I am 37wks and 3 days well this morning after s_x i went pee and when i wiped i had a small amount of clear gel looking goo come out on the paper,and later i noticed a little bit more.Could this have been semen or something else?I never seen that before.It was like gel.Thanks for any info.


Jenny - February 11

Hey girl, you know how I said that I have been losing my plug. Well that was how mine started, clear sticky goo. You might want to keep an eye on it. I know its nasty but I have noticed it more in the morings.


Rhonda - February 11

Hmm well i just noticed it today.And not alot just a little bit a couple of times.


Tammy276 - February 11

hey Rhonda, that happened to me the next day after DH and I had doctor said that sometimes having s_x can cause bits of your mucus plug to come lose so thats what it sounds like to me...


Kristin11 - February 11

I have the clear stringy goo after s_x sometimes too.


Rhonda - February 11

Thanks Tammy,that could be what it is i guess.I had just never ever seen it before.It was just like jelly consistancy you could say.I was a bit concerned.Thanks for helping me out and you to Kristin thanks.


lilnikki_0384 - February 11

Don't get freaked out if it starts looking like green boogers, that is normal too. Mine has been clear, jelly like, green globs, now even tinged with brown(bloody show). You'll have lots more too, I have to wipe like three or four times now after I pee. It is all normal, I hope that you have heard of the "bloody show" alot of women that I have spoke to since being pregnant never heard of it, and they've had kids. If not ask your doctor about it. It is not bad, it is just good to know about. I am 41 weeks, if I don't deliver by thursday then we discuss a date to induce, probably going to be this next weekend. Good luck to all you mommies!!!!



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