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sagi - May 5

I need to ask which products are good for the baby stuffs like: For travel system evenflo is good or graco? For bottles/nipples, Playtex, gerber or avent? Which baby monitor, bath product, diapers (for girl), wipes and br___ts pump (electric) are good? All suggestions are appreciated and thanks in advance. Have a happy and safe pregnancy.


skn331 - May 5

I like the playtex or vent-air bottles because you never have to worry about the nipples collapsing. In the other types of bottles, the nipples can flatten out in the baby's mouth and make it really hard to suck on. I also love my monitor. Its a Summer video monitor, which allows you to not only hear, but SEE the baby wherever you place it in the house. Both the baby's unit and the parent's unit plug in, so not so convenient for outside use, but its nice while you are in the house.


iakram - May 5

Hi Sagi for pumps Almeda [that's the brand I believe it is]are the best. I can swear by them! For bottles Avent are good b/c they are shaped or are contoured similar to the b___st for the child to easily drink from. Wipes/Diapers there are two main brands Pampers and Huggies. With DS I used Pampers [I used the premium one's] never had a leak...but Huggies I think are equally good. So if you perfer Huggies then stick with the Huggies products wipes and all...likewise if you choose Pampers stick with their products. Travel system I had a Graco lite stroller the car seat was great but the stoller sucked..I think there was a problem with it....Honestly hon we can give you so many answers no one will have the same. Start off with the basics don't buy too much and then you can see which one's you like or not. Good LUck :))


sagi - May 5

Actually I m confused...evenflo car seat has a "Z" shape handle which is really good to carry but I dont know functionality wise graco is good or evenflo.. Similarly i dont know which bottle is air free...and someone told me tht huggies are good for girls and pampers are good for boys so I thought its better to ask before buying so I will have an idea of how to buy??? Your suggestions are really helping me…atleast now I m having an idea what to look for. Thanks very much….


pbj - May 5

I use pampers (girl), which I've always heard it was opposite, huggies for boys, pampers for girls. I love and only use playtex nursers which get all of the air out...I obsolutely hate the vent aire bottles as well as the avent, they made my dd so ga__sy. Personally I don't like or trust graco products...they withheld information on several product defects, never recalled the items until the govt hit them with a huge lawsuit; anyway, I don't trust that they will recall products if somethings wrong so I don't buy graco.


BabySage - May 6

Don't forget to pick up your Penaten diaper rash cream!! LoL, My entire family swears by it.


Nerdy Girl - May 6

I used Huggies for my daughter and am currently using them for my son. I have never had problems with Huggies for either a boy or a girl. We did have problems with Pampers, but not with leaking. Pampers are lightly scented, which would aggrivate my daughter's eczema and also give her horrible diaper rash. With her, we could only use Huggies. Once we learned that Huggies were also part of Upromise, we just kept on using them for my son as well. I swear that with what we spend on diapers, we will be able to send both kids to college on Upromise contributions from Huggies! Ha, ha.


Nerdy Girl - May 6

And with the bottle question - I would not buy too many bottles until you try something and see if it works for your baby. Yes, of course you need to prepare and buy some bottles in advance, but don't go overboard until you know what will work. I was lucky that my daughter took the Avent bottles I registered for. My son would not take Avent at all. He was a terrible b___stfeeder and could not latch onto Avent because it was too much like the b___st. We also tried the Ventairs for awhile, but his gas problems were too intense and needed something even better. Finally, the only thing that worked for him was Dr. Browns bottles. As far as b___st pumps - I swear by my Avent Isis hand pump. It was the best $50 I ever spent. I used it with both of my babies and found it to be superior to any electric I tried. When my son stopped b___stfeeding (as I mentioned earlier, he had lots of b___stfeeding probs), I rented a hospital grade pump so that I could continue to feed him b___stmilk from bottles. I swear that the little Avent pump was better than the hospital pump! It was more comfortable and I could get out more milk in less time. Crazy, I know, but it's true.


Jilloh - May 7

I went with Graco for the travel system it worked better for us. I went with the Gerber bottles (they are the larger ones with the larger nipples) and also the Evenflo Comfi (45 degree angle shaped bottles), get a baby monitor with 2 receivers (i believe mine is a safety first brand)--i love 2 monitors because i am not always in the bedroom, and the receiver will run on batteries so i can take the other outside or such or just put it in our home office, I use johnson & johnson's bath products they have been around for YEARS and they are known for "no more tears," Diapers at a early age are all the same for boys or girls, I suggest you get some with strechy waistbands--that's what I like and different brands have these type bands--I absolutely hated the luv's newborn that someone gave me but I used them up, but they were stiff & not strechy, don't use Pampers baby wipes they are too smooth & soft I used more per change with these, I bought an expensive b___st pump because I can't b___st feed we have latching and inverted nipple problems--I have the Medela Pump in Style advanced it cost over $300, but I exclusivly pump my advice is to wait and see if you are going to be able to b___st feed before laying out that sort of dough. I am the proud mother of a 5 week old baby boy, so I speak from recent experience. Have a wonderfil pregnancy and enjoy the last few days of pregnancy and the rest of your life as a mom.


sagi - May 8

Wow lots of stuff….. Lots of important info I have gathered from here now….thanks very much to all of you for your great suggestions. I will keep in mind everything you all have told me …May God bless u….


Ba8y6irl - May 8

I have heard from a lot of people they find Huggies leak a lot. Pampers Swaddlers then Cruisers are the best apparently, but I guess to each their own. I have a Evenflo Travel system, I just got it yesterday so I am not sure on performance, but my dad did research... My family also swears by Penaten as the number one prevention of diaper rash. Bottles I don't know as I am about to be a first time mom. So I value all this information as well :)


fasha12 - May 8

I gave birth on April 9th and here is what I find works best for my son and I on baby products! I have an Eddie Bauer car seat and stroller (love em and they are very safe), I am using the avent bottles and nipples and they seem to work great as I switch between the b___st and bottles, the medella backpack b___st pump (the BEST!!!!), diapers--I find that pampers and huggies are comprable, but the pampers seem to be a bit larger and leak less, I love the kirkland brand baby wipes from costco!!!!,and for diaper rash --use bag balm. My son has extremely sensitive skin and I just slap some on with each diaper change and we haven't had any diaper rash since. Hope that helps.


luvmyboys - May 8

You know, in all honesty, I just buy whatever products are the cheapest and I don't usually have problems. If I don't like something, I use it up and buy something else next time. It's true that everyone likes different things so you may have to go through a few brands before you find one that you really like.


Jodi - May 9

I really like The playtex vent aire bottles..same reason as skn331, I really really like pampers swaddlers. They are a soft material and don't rub babies legs like huggies did. I like the pampers sensitive wipes too..they are soft and not rough on the bottom. I have a evenflo it. I do suggest getting one with a base. I don't have one and wish I did. I like the stroller combo b/c the carseat attaches and is great while they are still small. I like the 4 stage bath tub from wal-mart the sling is nice for small baby and i just use the johnson and johnson no more tears was and the plain baby lotion. Whatever you do..have plenty of sleepers. I just thought that I would love dressing my baby up all cute and realized that it a big pain changing their clothes anyway and sleepers and onies are the easiest and I love them! recieving blankets, make sure you've got plenty of those as well. I find too that when I give my baby a bath I bought cloth diapers and when I'm bathing him I take a cloth diaper and cover him with it to keep him warm and comfortable. He loves it and it makes for a wonderful bath time. OH....Gas Drops!! Myclion dye free...I'm so glad I had some! They will have a hard time with gas in beginning and I found that they are a life saver!if you use pacifiers I really like the Nuk and Mam. I used the ones for a newborn, the ones that had a little white thing on bottom and they cut into his little chin, so i switched. the nuk is supposed to be good for forming the roof of the mouth. that's all i can think of for no...wait one more thing...Get some i think they are wet pads. so if babies diaper leakes you don't have to worry about changing the whole sheet in the middle of the night when you are exhausted! I love them!!There is a package that has 1 lap pad, 1 ba__sinet pad, and 1 crib pad, but you can cut the crib pad down and use it in a ba__sinet if you are using a ba__sinet. ok i think i'm done now...good luck. also you will discover which things you like the most, but these i found i just love and could live without!!!


Jodi - May 9

I used the huggies for my son and he leaked everytime. I saw that someone mentioned that pampers sensitive are too soft, but the regular ones rubbed his little botton red.. I would prefer using more than one wipe as opposed to having his little b___t hurt from the roughness. pampers do have a scent and if your baby can handle them i love em b'c they don't rub him like the other ones did. For diaper rash cream my dr. reccomended thriple H and it worked after like 2 or 3 diaper changes!!!



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