Help My Vaginal Opening Looks Weird

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CheeseCake - December 16

hi, i'm 34 weeks. When i used a mirror to check my va___al, it looks different than before i got pregnant. Inside the va___al opening is a extra piece ( looks more like a ball) of flesh. This is the first time i've look at my va___al since i was pregnant, so i don't know how long it was there. Is this normal? does all pregnant women va___al looks like that? Is that my internal organ or what? Please help. My doctor is on holiday for these few days and i'm too shy to ask people i know.


CheeseCake - December 17

...anybody there? come no answer:(


Christine - December 17

CheeseCake..I have no idea...sorry


Mellissa - December 23

I read Jenny McCarthy's book on her pregnancy called "Belly Laughs". In it she likens her v____a to "two blue twinkies cuddling under really bad carpeting". This was because all of the weight the baby (and everything that goes with it) was putting on her blood vessels etc. That's a lot of weight to be suddenly pushing down right on top of your v____a. It's not like gaining weight in the form of fat on the outside of your abdomen as the weight of your organs are still in there pressing down but now there is also the weight of your baby as well. I have a little piece of flesh that has always protruded a little bit from inside so it's possible that you always did to. It just took the pressure of the baby to push it down where you could see it. Trust me, you haven't "grown" any extra skin there.


Mel - December 23

I have a little ball of flesh too down there that I noticed recently but i do not think i am pregnant


Angela Lee - October 5

I'm coming to 6 months pregnancy. Of late, I experience extreme pain on the v____a while walking. Any remedy to ease the pain?


kimj - October 5

try sitting on a heating pad.... this worked for me. you may want to try a maternity belt aswell.


lisa - October 6

ive got that but always have, noticed it around 13 years old, i think its part of the hymen, the skin that blocks you before you have s_x, i broke it with tampons, ive had internals and docs have never said anything



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