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Karen S - April 4

This may be a nerdy question but I ws wondering Im in the process of getting my prescription filled for my prenatel vitamins and I've already missed 2 days of them. Is that bad?


AML - April 4

No, you'll be ok!


Karen S - April 4

Thanks AML


AML - April 4

Welcome! I have also forgotten to take them a few times, Dr. said it's ok! Make sure not to double up though...only take the one a day


Amy_mommy - April 4

what kind of prenatal vitamin u take? i take Duet DHA........


sunshinemccloude - April 4

Karen-that's really nothing to worry about. I've been on and off vitamins all my pregnancy, because I've been very sick and my body never handled vitamins well. Finally after months without vitamins Ive resorted to taking Flintstones a few times a week. Technically, if you're eating right, you should be getting all your nutrition from your food. The vitamins are just a rea__surance. The only thing you have to look out for is getting enough folic acid, which is hard to find in large quant_ties in food.


meme - April 5

Prenatals are most important when your baby is first developing. I've missed a few days here and there, and everything seems to be fine. Also, there wasn't always such a thing as prenatal vitamins, but there have always been surviving and healthy babies. Just make sure you're getting proper and sufficient nutrition for your body and drink lots of water.


Karen S - April 5

Thanks everyone for your help I greatly aprreciate it:)


sugarbaby18 - April 5

nah its ok to miss a day or 2 dont worry about it. Anything that ur baby needs will be taken from ur body or u'll have a craving 4


lori - April 5

I only took folic acid for the first three months and haven't taken anything since. At 34 weeks my last blood test showed my iron levels were starting to drop so my Dr said I might want to start taking a vitamin supplement to bring up my iron a bit. -great -the one ingredient that turned me off supplements in the first place. I have had normal bowl movements up until now, I know that will change when I start the iron.


Tess - April 5

No. :D


ash2 - April 5

you actually only need to take your vitamins before pregnancy and for the first 3 months of pregnancy. the only reason they tell you to take them up untill is if you are like me and crave mcdonalds, and burgerking everyday cause there are no vitamins in french fries!!!! lol



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