Help Really Bad Hemorrhoid Sorry It S Gross

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LollyM - July 10

Ok, This hemorrhoid Is getting really painful, does anyone have tips about how to heal this thing or at least numb it or something? Thanks!


jas - July 10

Prep H and sitz baths...


LollyM - July 10

thank you so much... I just can't take it any more!


3babies - July 10

HI Lolly, ,my girlfriend had a terrible one the week before her baby was due. Her doctor took pity and lanced it for her. She said the relief was huge. Most important for you is to limit straining when you use your bowels and try to stay off your feet as much as possible. I can sympathise, I had a terrible one after my first baby, proctosedyl ointment was my saviour, but dont know if you can use during pregnancy.


CyndiG - July 10

Lolly, I can soooo sympathize with you! About 2 weeks ago, I had one that hurt so bad. It was HUGE! The size of my pinky finger at least and I'm not exaggerating! I was really embarra__sed about it, but after about 3 days, I could take it no longer! I told my dr. at one of my checkups and she lanced it. It sounds awful and for about 10 seconds it was! She stuck it with a needle to numb it and then lanced it and took the blood clot out. It didn't feel better immediately, but later in the day it did. She gave me some percocet just incase, but I only needed tylenol. The next day was like heaven!!! It was sooooo much better! And by the the 2nd day all the pain was gone. I've had no more problems. I would definately say do it. It only hurt right when she stuck the needle in to numb it. After that, no more pain. That would definately be my suggestion. No reason to suffer if you don't have to. I'm so sorry for you! I know how it feels, literally! Good luck!


Keli - July 10

call your Dr. They can give you something with a steriod in it to help.


jane - July 11

that reminds me i suffered terrible with them all the pressure from babies head i was in alot of pain i couldnt sit down i used creams and u can buy these little tablets to put up there greasy so they dont hurt and they helped me theres loads u can buy for piles and to get help ask ur pharmacist


everthiki - July 13

Warm sitz baths help me and a steroid cream my dr. prescribed. Prep H is ok too, but not as stron as a steroid cream. Drink lots of water too and take a stool softner with the ok of your dr. off course. I am taking one and it works wonders. goodluck!


Fatima - July 13

sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is to lance it?


afwife - July 13

i hear ya!! i'm 37 weeks along and have been dealing with them for a couple months now. i ended up getting a really bad thrombosed one(had blood clots in in) and had to go to a proctologist to get the blood clots removed. i was extremely painful. other than that, hot baths and cold compresses helped out. good luck........i know it sucks!!!!!


falafal0 - July 13

I thnk lancing means to cut it open a little to let the pressure and fluids out...



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