Help Weird Pain And Discharge

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LollyM - May 6

I am 27 weeks and last night I was having pain in my lower abdomen for about 5 hours! it was on and off, kind of like gas pains or some kind of cramping but it was getting worse and then I was nauseous and kind of dizzy. I was having some Braxton Hicks-like contractions on and off through this (I've had them before). After a while I decided to lie dawn on my left side and have some water, then my lower back started hurting on the left side really badly and the pain rapped around to the front left side for a few seconds and stopped. It happened a few different times throughout last night. I finally fell asleep and this morning I felt alright but I had this really thick discharge that was like mucusy egg whites and clear (there was no blood). I noticed it when i went to the bathroom and had to remove it with my fingers because toilet paper wasn't working! I'm worried and really hope that it wasn't my mucus plug because I'm only 27 weeks and my baby is so little! Please, If anyone has any ideas or information I would really appreciate it!


angelbebe - May 6

was the mucus that came out clear or tinted? If it was tinted, brown or pink that could've been your plug, otherwise, the mucus does get increasingly thick normally. There are so many changes going on with a growing uterus and it rearranging your insides...all of this is most likely I said, if you start to bleed or it comes back and is strong, I would call your doctor. Good luck!


LollyM - May 7

It was completely clear and I've been checking throughout the day to see if there is more and the color etc. There was a little more earlier but again it was clear and there wasn't as much as this morning. I think I will tell my dr. about it at my next appt. and if I get more pain I might just call. Thanks for the insight!



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