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lindsey - August 17

I didnt get them until i was in labor with my first child. Now at 33 weeks i have them, they dont hurt right now but my bum is really swollon. Im sure this is a silly question but what do i do about them. Last time i didnt do anything because i didnt know i had them until my daughter was born, i got them during labor. My midwife looked up and said you have hemoroids from pushing so much, im putting something{i cant remember what she said it was} in to soothe you. And then that was it. So what do i do?


Shannon - August 17

Once you get hemorrhoids you always have them, they just shrink and only swell when you have bad constipation. I have gotten them myself and my doc said to take the laxative Colace, and/or Benefiber (its the only fiber supplement that is tasteless). She also said it is okay to use suppositories. At first I was scared to take a laxative because I thought it would give me diarrhea. I take 1 Colace a day and drink a gla__s of Benefiber. I now poop pretty much every day, but it is still very solid. Colace is a very mild laxative. It does not take nutrients away from your baby.


Staci - August 17

I disagree, you can have hemmoroids even when youre not constipated. I am rarely constipated, I have the opposite issue (due to irritiable bowel) and I still have terrible hemmoroids since I got pregnant. Lindsey if youre not constipated or having pain, you doesnt need the colace. that will just make you poop more often and softer, and if you dont have that problem its not going to do any good. that medication colace is stool softener for if your having problems with bowel movements, its not for the hemmoroids themselves. for the actual hemmoids if youre not having constipation or difficulty pa__sing stool, you need hemmoroid medication, not stool medication. try preparation h, and also Tucks pads with witch hazel to shrink the swelling. I have terrible terrible hemmoroids now, and thats what I was told to try. But as long as your carrying that baby inside you theyre probabl y not going to get too much better, due to the decreased circulation, extra weight and weight of fluid and uterus.


Lindsey - August 17

Thank you for your anseres. I guess i forgot to mention i am anemic and takeing 2 iron pills a day, they make me have to go alot but sometimes i just think i have to go. so maybe that is the problem too?


Shannon - August 17

I am anemic too, and my dr has me taking 2 iron pills a day. it is actually pretty common during pregnancy. Iron is known to make you constipated. I should have asked you if you were constipated before I recommended stool softeners. If your stools are normal you dont need to take them. I use preparation H suppositories and wipes. Tucks are good too. They also have creams you can put on the area that help reduce swelling. Try not to sit on hard surfaces and dont sit on the toilet very long. The longer you bear down the more it will irritate your hemorrhoids.


Staci - August 18

My hemmoroids are getting bigger by the minute... I cant imagine how theyre going to go away.... I use the prep H and all, and theyre not going anywhere.. ugh.


twolilfishies - December 31

I am just starting to get them with this pregnacy.. I am 30 weeks this sunday. I havent used anything before for them , even with my son but these ones are starting to bug me! I wanted a natural cure... doesnt like just salt or baking soda work at least for awhile? or a little? someone help!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 31

I have had them for years, but while pregnant at 33 weeks, they got so wollen and infected that they were considered thrombosed and gangrenous. I had to have them surgically removed, I was in so much pain for days becuase nobody wanted to do surgery on a pregnant woman. I would rather give birth with no drugs again than go thru that. Eating lots of fruits, colace and fiber supplements work well. And when they are really inflamed I recommend tucks pads, and alternating soaking in warm water, and using ice packs. The combo makes the swelling and itching go down. Prep h I own stock in practically LOL! But your doc can prescribe a stronger cream if need be. Good luck to you all and I hope they get better for you all. I do have a small one again after giving birth 4 mos ago, but I just use all the precautionary things I mentioned and hope for the best. I also have my surgeon on speed dial these days out of fear that I will have to go thru that again! Oh, and if constipated, milk of magnesia works good becuase it doesn't make you go from one extreme to the other, if you know what I mean. I also have irritable bowel and suffer from those symptoms as well.


MJM - December 31

For mine I use prep H and when I take a bath I use epsom salts in the water. I caught mine before they were painful and they were gone in a couple of days.


Meredith - January 6

Ohhh I hate hemmeroids! Mine were really bad this time...after delivery, for the first few days they were sooo bad it hurt to stand and sit. Prep H and tucks pads is the only thing I used. I was to big to take baths at the end of my pregnancy...this is kinda gross, but with all the extra weight, my hemmeroids would stick to the bottom of the tub and make them hurt worse. Put a washcloth under your b___t to ease that a little.


Chrisy - January 6

To help relieve your pain I recommend getting those bathroom wet wipes that really helps me!!! And taking a bath helps as well. Carry some around with you in case of emergency~~


mel - January 6

God bless, wet wipes!



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