Hemorrhoid Advice PLEASE

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nightgale - April 12

I need some serious advice here, Iam 38 weeks preganant today! I have a horrible hemorrhoid I have been trying sitz baths, which hazel and prescription cream it does not hurt but it keeps getting bigger. I am a pretty modest person to begin with and Im a little nervous about everyone looking at my downstairs when I am in labor. I m just devasated that there will be this giant swollen hemorrhoid there too glaring at everyone! Any advice on how to get rid of this guy or atleast shrink him down? HELP


Hannah777 - April 13

did you aks your doctor? sorry, I dont have any advice. But i think you should definately talk to your doc.


kh - April 13

If it makes you feel any better, I have the same problem. I don't know that it's getting bigger, but definitely not getting smaller. It hurt really bad for a while, so I also have the prescription cream, witch hazel, and did the sitz baths. Unfortunately none of that made it go away, and my doctor told me that they don't go away--they just shrink. Uggh. Don't worry about being self-conscious about it, just try to take care of it after the baby is born.


pbj - April 13

It seems you're doing all that you can. It is totally normal and believe me I had several huge hemmerroids when I delivered. You can talk to your OB about it but more than likely he will tell you to hold off on anything else because after you deliver you will likely have a few more. Yes...pushing in labor gives you hemorroids. I guess not everyone gets them, but a lot of women do. My dd is 5 months old and I still can't get rid of one of them. After you deliver though your doc can prescribe something. I hate to tell you that but you may just have to deal for now. Just a little funny story too: I invited my MIL to witness the birth, I a__sumed she would sit to the side or something. Anyway she decided to sit right in front and all I kept thinking was first of all I hope I don't have a bm on the table and second "great now she knows I have horrible hemorroids". It's kinda funny now that I look back at it. Don't worry, you're not the first woman to have hemorroids during delivery and for sure you won't be the last.


Chrissy - April 13

Check with an herbal store around you because I know that there is some kind of herbal tonic or something that is supposed to work great, but you use it after you give birth. I know the lady at the herbal shop I go to has something for it but I never asked what it was. If I remember, I will stop there tomorrow after work and find out.



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