Hemroids Can I Have A Normal Delivery

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babynumber2 - October 4

im 39 weeks 2 days, so due soon with my second! i had just noticed (TMI ALERT) that i have a small peanut sized ball.. well you know where! it doesnt hurt to sit or cause me any discomfort because its small-ish and its just one. Will i be able to have a normal delivery with this? will it cause me to have even worse ones? and will it go away?


Cevvin - October 5

I had hemroids with my first. I had a small one when i went in, and a slightly bigger one when i left. I only pushed for 20 minutes tho. Drink lots of water so that you dont have to sit on the pot for a long time. Stay away from cheese. Ha ha, i love cheese and that caused alot of pain for me. You can still have a normal delivery. Im not gonna lie it hurst down there but everything is worth it in the end. Good Luck


tk07 - October 5

i had hemmeroids to start with and mine got worse after delivery. they are still kind of rough... but i pushed for over 3 hours so that makes a big difference. you might not get anymore if you don't push very long, especially if it is your second.


WP - October 6

I'm 40 weeks and in the same boat as you, babynumber2. I had them REALLY bad after my first and I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of this pregnancy :( It definitely won't affect the delivery, so don't worry about that, but I would buy a sitz bath for postpartum recovery. I'm going to get mine today. GL.


babynumber2 - October 6

thanks for answering! WP - since you had them before, will they be a lot bigger after delivery? and if so, how long does it take them to go away?


WP - October 7

Oh man! I don't even want to tell you my story, because it might scare you, but I'll say that my problems stemmed from pushing out a 9 lb. baby for 3 hours. Yeesh. If you've got a bad case, they usually take about a week or so to subside. Without the added pressure of the baby, it may take less time, but please don't worry too much. You may not get any and what you're experiencing right now may be the worst of it.



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