Her Movements Aren T As Strong Or Frequent

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margie - November 13

I'm in my 34th week now and I'm noticing that the past couple days Anjelica's movements have been a lot less, when I do feel her its a very subtle movement. She was wiggling up a storm this weekend. I need a bit of advice...is this what happens as you get farther along because the baby has a lack of space in there? Or maybe she's been sleepy the past couple days...I dont know, its just been quite a while since she's been this quiet.


Buffi R. - November 13

I saw your question about this in the Dec. thread too and just replied, so I'll copy it here in case you see this first. I've noticed the same thing with less movement. I still feel her move around at least once a day, but before it was consistently like a party about four or five times a day. I had an OB check up today with biophysical profile and NST, and the baby checked out completely healthy. It took about 30 minutes to get the heart accelerations they wanted on the NST, and that included poking and proding her awake, but she still scored 10 out of 10 so everything's fine. The doctor said as long as she's doing at least something each day to remind me she's still in there, that's fine.


evae777 - November 13

Margie! how are you? I remember you from the 2nd tri forum, haven't seen any posts from you for awhile. you were always very kind with helping answer everyone's questions. Hope you are doing well. I'm sure your girl is fine, after all, you are farther along, she is surely running out of space. Don't worry too much:D


margie - November 13

Hi evae! I have been away for a little bit but I'm definetely back and love all the support that I get from this forum and giving it back to everyone too, glad to hear from you again! I agree that I'm sure my little one is fine in there just all squished up and trying to stay comfy and sleep, after all I get the feeling they get just as uncomfortable as we do as we get farther along :-)


Mrs.Steve - November 13

Oh, gosh, I stressed about that my whole third trimester! I worried so much that my ob started having me do non-stress tests and biophysical profiles 2 times a week...not because she thought something was wrong. But because I worried about it so much. Everytime I'd go in for testing, they'd use the term "lazy baby". And that's what I had. She's STILL lazy. I'm sure Anjelica is fine. Always mention it to your doc, though. If nothing else, for peace of mind. I'm sure it's more than likely a space issue.


AmberNicole - November 13

Hi, Margie. I'm in my 33rd week, just a week behind you, and I'm noticing the same thing. She certainly isn't as active, anymore. If I'm still and lay down, I'll almost always feel her, though. Try that, and maybe it will give you more rea__surance.


HeavenisMine - November 13

I had a period between my 33rd and 37th weeks where my girl wasn't as active and I was getting so worried. Now she is all over the place (39 weeks) But I think that's because she wants out!:) They do run out of space, and probably need as much rest as Mom before the big day. As long as you feel her move everyday try not to be alarmed. My advice, if you ever can or do, stay up a bit late, most babies I have learned are major night owls, they are quiet in the day and super active by or after midnight.


emfine99 - November 13

Yeah I had this problem too and now it's even worse because I'm almost 39 weeks. The dr just said there is more baby and less room. I'm sure everything is fine! :-)


AngelinLuv - November 14

We had this exact worry at my 36 week appointment. Our doctor scheduled me for an NST and everything came out just fine. The Dr said that a lot of his lack of movement had to do with the fact that he was head down & I was dilating as well as him getting bigger/less room. I would start my doing kick counts(try to count 10 kicks in one hour) twice a day. It helps to ease your mind. Now at 38 weeks, I think he's just as uncomfy as I am.



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