Herbal Remedies To Soften Pelvis And Reduce Risk Of Tearing

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Cat24 - June 9

I have now heard from 3 different women that by 36 weeks its beneficial to take raspberry leaf tea (twice a day) to soften the pelvis and prepare you for labour. i have also heard about the benefits of pure wheatgerm oil to massge the perinium so as to reduce the risk of tearing. have any mums used these herbal remedies before and are they any good, or just a waste of money?


fefer1 - June 9

well the rasberry leaf tea is supposed to help tone the uterus - and I do believe it helps it after delivery to recover better. Never tried it, figured Breast Feeding would do the job! ;) I have never tried ma__saging anything on my booty either - but, it probably helps because I know that some nurses will ma__sage you with oil down there during labor to help you from tearing too bad. My friend just delivered in March and she actually requested that they stop - for whatever reason, she didn't want them to do it.


Whitney - June 9

I don't have any herbal remidies to give you, but as fefer mentioned on the post above... When I had my son 3 years ago, I had one student nurse who asked me if she could ma__sage me down there as she said in school they have studied the benefits of ma__saging & slowly stretching you throughout the labor to prevent tearing. I agreed because, why not ... & I swear it totally worked! I had a difficult labor, hard pushing for 7 hours & in the end they need to use the vac_me to get him out ... and I really should have torn after all of that, & I didn't at all. All the nurses that checked me the next day where like "you didn't tear? Your healing so well down there considering the delievery you had". The student nurse was awesome & I was so glad I let her try it out on me, & this time around I am going to tell whatever nurse I have that I want them to do the same.


fefer1 - June 9

me too whitney! I had never even heard of that being done and I had my daughter less than 2 years ago! This time I hope - and could care less- if they did it! Like I'm gonna care when my legs are all spread wide open for the world to see and everyone is checking me out down there. :) If I can avoid a tear, GREAT!


Sprinkles - June 9

I just wanted to jump in here and mention I just had my baby 2 weeks ago and the doctor did that perinium stretching and I didnt tear at all she said the most I had was like a brush burn. So I would ask about that if you can at your next appt and see if they do it - the hospital I went to practices that now the other hospital in the area just always cuts people when they are in labor I am SO glad I didnt go there.


cors1wfe - June 10

I did some research and there is a site that tells you that you can start perineal ma__sage in your 36th week and talks about an oil you can use to do it and get it going....I might get my husband to try it he's sick like that...LOL jk


HeatherIsHopeful - June 10

LOL cors1wfe, thats too funny... I wish I would have thought about this stuff earlier... Im so scared of tearing or having to get an episiotomy.. oh well, if it happens it happens. Its all worth it for my little girl.


fefer1 - June 10

how funny cors! I read in a preggo book that you can ma__sage it but I'm sorry, I can't reach down there even if I wanted too - and my husband?? yeah, right! :)


Cat24 - June 10

thanks for your comments girls. i am nearly 35 weeks now and my midwife has never mentioned the word birth let alone anything to help prevent tears etc! cors whats the name of the website you found it on? one of my partner's relatives said she did the ma__saging from 36 weeks and said she didnt tear at all, she also said she felt that the raspberry tea helped because her pelvis was able to soften so as to not cause more pain during labour. you never know if its psychological or not but i think i might give it a try.



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