Here Are Some New Ideas For Inducing Labor

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NOAMS - October 6

Accupressure - Accupressure may be helpful in inducing labor. Some pressure points you can try are the roof of your mouth, the webbing of your fingers between your pointer finger and thumb, and above the ankle about four fingerspaces above is a pressure point. Pineapple, c_min tea, eggplant parmesan, and spicy foods - are another thing you can try. Cinnamin stick tea - Take cinnamin sticks and boil them into a tea and drink. It actually tastes good so even if it doesn't bring on labor it may help you to relax. Walking - Walking may help to get baby to drop into proper position. Evening primrose oil - Evening primrose oil comes in small capsules similar to vitamin E. It is believed to help soften and ripen the cervix. HOPE THIS HELPS, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU ALL THINK.


CG - October 6

accupressure, that is a new one to me. How long do I need to try it for?


c - October 6

i think people should start buying dolls instead. jmho. too many want to induce just to get it over with. just don't do it if thats the case. use condoms. if somethings wrong call your doctor. theyll induce.


Jess - October 6

Thanks for the advice, I am 40 and a half weeks pregnant and have had enough, I am going to be induced tuesday next week if I have not gone into labor, so I am happy to try anything to get my body moving. I was wanting to go all natural , no drugs.


Noams - October 6

HI c, Just providing information for the women on the forum that have been asking for new ideas to help get things going. Some women are in alot of pain and discomfort towards the end and are looking for a bit of hope and relief. I would not consider using any of these unless I was near my due date or overdue.


Noams - October 6

TO CG.. For 2 mins at a time, then rest and do again. For about 15mins. Good luck


c - October 7

i'm not against inducing noams. there are times when its needed. it just gets old when the only so called need for it is being sick of being pregnant. maybe some dont seem to be progressing and get desperate. but it always happens. many times its sudden.


To c from C - October 7

When your term is up and nothing is happening, it helps to help yourself and it's great if it's not artificial--like drugs.To suggest to "buy a doll" is way off and uncalled for. Noams' suggestions are careful and not to be misunderstood as encouraging moms-to-be to induce just because.Some are not just sick of being pregnant--you CAN in fact get sick and problems do arise when you're overdue.And in some cases, medical help and doctors' advices come few and far between. So don't generalize and look at this thread as negative.


lisa - October 7

bye bye "c" your not welcome here, are you even pregnant? your suggestion of using condoms if we wanted not to be pregnant is stupid, we are pregnant because we wanted a baby, and if you were in the last few weeks of pregnancy then you would want your baby out to meet it and your body back. there is no place for people like you on this forum.


Tara - October 9

Well done noams, Great to see some new ideas that I have not tried. I am 39 weeks with a large baby and am so worried she will grow even bigger. I am going to try the accupressure today. Will let you know if anything happens.



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