Here Is A Silly Question I Have Not Seen Asked Yet

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docbytch - September 24

Ok don't laugh. Are there any other women on here who seem to wake up every day in a puddle of DROOL on their pillows??? This happens to me every day and it's soooo gross. I even put a little cloth by my face sometimes but I wake up and it's all wet and my face is damp. This is so embarrassing...LOL


mommyindec - September 24

Oh yeah. You are not alone. It happens to me most of the days. Any idea if it is pregnancy related ? Btw, I am 28w.


mrssolo - September 24

LOL my husband and I have a running joke about how pregnant woman drool. I have to change my pillowcase everyday. Sometimes in the middle of the night it wakes me up, all over my face into my hair its soooooo gross. It must be pregnancy realated. Pregnant women drool, LMAO.


rebolson - September 24

Sadly, yes, this happens to me too. GEEEEEEE-ross!!! Lovely, isn't it??


mrssolo - September 24

On a separate note, docbytch I wish you the best of luck in life. I have found you post to be very informative and real. I'm sorry and embarra__sed as a human for that other witch’s posts. You are a real person who has lived life and sometimes the decisions we are faced with are not easy ones and sometimes there not things to be proud of, but that’s what makes us smart, strong, educated women. I have been a teen mother myself and have been faced with difficult choices everyday of my life, and know I have meet the man of my dreams and we are expecting two baby boys to expand our family of three to five. I understand where you come from and I just want you to know while I’m not religious (I was raised that way and my children do go to church, but I won’t preach to anyone) I have prayed for you that whatever things that woman has said will never effect you. You are a good, kind strong, intelligent wonderful person. I wish you nothing but happiness in life.


emfine99 - September 24

LOL!!! I have like once or twice in the beginning.... most of the time now if I wake up with droll on the bed somewhere, it's from DH.... he seems to get a better nights rest than I do! I don't have enough sleep time to get to the drool stage!


docbytch - September 24

Hey you guys I feel better knowing I am not the only one. And thanks especially to mrssolo for your post. That person seems to have gone away. People never fail to shock me sometimes with the way they behave... As far as the drooling goes...I used to make fun of my DH for his tendency to drool (he mouth breathes at night) I am WAY worse than he is. Can't stop it either. Plus I wake up feeling totally "boogery" LOL. Think pg is making me snore too.... Talk about feeling less-than-feminine......geesh!


tarheelfan71 - September 24

Oh honey, I was doing that before my pregnancy. Now its worse. And also I snore too. See how feminine I am :).


mrssolo - September 24

DH never sleeps.... He is soooo weird like that he only really sleeps about once or twice a month. The rest of the time he lays in bed and "rest his eyes" but when you talk to him he answers, it’s very strange. Anyway, I'm a sleeper, I snore, I toss and turn and accidentally hit dh all night. I could before pregnancy sleep through a bomb. Now sleeping is a little bit harder, but I'm still reckless. It’s just too funny to me how dh who is soooo quite, wound up with a freak like me, lol. He used to let me sleep on his chest at night but I drooled on him sooooooooooooo many times I’ve been banned from sleeping on his chest. Now that I'm pregnant and having twins it’s ten times worse. When he has to work at night he piles up pillows on his side of the bed and says “Okay now you can karate chop these tonight while I’m out”, LMAO. I think dh is waiting for these babies to come so I'll have to get out of bed at night and he might get a few winks in.


LinLaceie - September 24

I think it IS a pregnancy thing. While I was pregnant I drooled like no other, now I don't drool anymore. And my b/f said he never heard me once snore before I was pregnant, then I got pregnant and I would keep him up at night, now I don't snore anymore! I don't see how that works lol but I'm glad I'm done drooling =P


beagle1223 - September 24

Yes! I thought it was just me because I haven't heard anything about this. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it really grosses me out. I have also started waking myself up with one big snore! I've never snored before and now I just wake up with a big jolt from a really loud snore. God, all these symptoms are just so pleasant, aren't they?


poohcma102 - September 24

It sure happens to me but it seems worse when I doze off at work! All over the place! All I got to say is thank goodness for clorox wipes!



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